My Hope is that my work will empower your work, in 2014!

       Ten years ago, I started a career in selling manufactured and modular housing.  I enjoyed this professional realm, for about seven years. That workplace gave me the opportunity at store and regional meetings to present ideas, to help and inspire co-workers. Weekly, I presented materials to encourage better performance for the company.  As I developed and presented these concepts to assist colleagues in the workplace. I was continually encouraged by people to develop them further.

Manufactured Home The Buckeye

I realized that since these ideas had begun to work in the marketplace for my colleagues, that I had found the substance for a book.  A solid substance that everyone needs:  how to enjoy, get more gratification and improve our performance in our careers. Careers, which for us all are huge obligations ; obligations that  literally consume most of our waking hours.

Comments from colleagues who benefited from these ideas helped me see, how they really were a great help to them. This encouraged me that since these ideas helped them find greater hope and fulfillment, at work, and in the whole of their lives. Then, these ideas could also add to many people’s workplace satisfaction. So, I continued these teachings; developed and expanded them, all with the idea of increasing optimism and HOPE, in our careers.

Hope The Courage to go on and not quit

     I had HOPE that my friends and I could achieve more.  Hope that we could find more fulfillment and happiness in our work and Hope that we could improve our performance and execution.  So the title was born.  HOPE = High Octane Positive Energy.

Still I was looking for a phrase that really summed what the essence of what I wanted to teach in the book.   A friend who needed my help in many dimensions provided the thought I needed.  This friend who has since died (Richard Ratkauskus) said of my thoughts:  Tim, what you are trying to say is “Positive times Positive equals Unlimited.”  I knew that was it! He had coined my concept with a great phrase!

The right words the correct phrase

 I knew that the multiplied effects of applying the strong, positive principles I believed would do more than just add to people’s life and happiness.   More than that, I knew that  if people would really apply these truths and techniques on top of each other …… And synergistically couple these ideas, with each other: that they would gain not only additional success but multiplied success.  So my commitment to write a book with these concepts became strong. Because I now knew, it could not only create interest but add meaningful value, to peoples lives and careers.

So the creation and development of this book has been in the works for 10 years. And it has really been worked on and refined. But I am glad to say that the fruition of this vision will happen this year. At the end of the year (2014); I will release this book with helping many of you, in mind.

writer book author

It will be a book that can give you professional power, when you put the lessons I teach, in your professional learning, gas tank..  Like all good truths, these lessons will only work, if you work them. These lessons are designed to work for you. And for you to work on them; and apply them, over a period of time. Because, the driving purpose for this book is to have the maximum impact and best possible effect on your profession and overall life.

So look forward to this book coming out late this year. I will keep you posted, as we near the date. In the meantime, I will continue writing materials here at Guts Is the Key designed to enrich your life and career. Also designed to give you the power of faith, motivation, inspiration and education to add meaning and improvement, to your personal working situation.

personal development

So, what about today. Why not let this personal writing announcement be just the stimulation that you need to have your own increased performance curve, this year. Why not start your own written professional journal if you have not.

Each day, get out a clean sheet of notebook paper and work  in the morning on what you hope to achieve that day. And review next morning, how you did; as you plan the next day. Personal growth is like personal hygiene. It doesn’t happen until you cut on the water; i.e. until you personally apply what you learn.

You are going to have to “work” at it, to get the treasure you can find in your personal journal, this year. You will have to “work” at it, to get the maximum benefit from the book I will release later this year.  Yet that is a major core of what I hope to inspire you with. The vision to see that not only is Work necessary, it is good and can be great; with the right mindset. Heck. It can even be fun.

Let’s go to work and enjoy the task!  🙂

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