Sell Your Own Value

      It drives me crazy when I listen to sales reps. and the only point they make well is what the competition does or does not do. While it is true that you need to be market place savvy and know what your competition is doing. Your sales excellence will only grow when you focus on the awesomeness of your own brand and service.. Sell your own Value.

Focus on your strengths

When the customer gets the idea that you offer a fantastic product; then when the subject of competition comes up, you have already established a bench mark. If you do not do this, you spend your whole sales dialogue comparing yourself to the competition. And this is most times, a losing proposition.

In your sales process; Set yourself apart first. Tell the extraordinary value of your product or service; before you get lured into a point by point analysis of comparing  to competition. Sell Your Own Value.


One of the dangers that occur if you sell only versus your competition and not your own merits is that you become a price only company.  You have to sell on what you do best, to create value. You may mention, that other competitors don’t offer what you do but establishing your own excellence; always sells more than running down the competition. Why? Because if you have not established superior value; the natural course of the consumer’s conversation is for it to turn to a price only dialogue. And price is the easiest thing, for your competition to duplicate.  Facts are: Anyone can drop their prices! Sell Your Own Value.

Dropping Cutting Prices

The most challenging feature for your competition to duplicate is Extraordinary, Quality, Service, Convenience and Value. This kind of benchmark marketing is difficult to achieve and sets you apart from the competition. They can not easily duplicate that which takes a lot of coordination and effort.

People know in today’s marketplace that they can buy anything they want off the internet and never have to talk to another sales person again. So treat the customer with respect. Treat them as the educated consumer that they are likely to be. Do not be the stereotypical sales rep., who throws information at the customer, without qualification, screening and relationship building. Sell Your Own Value.

establish rapport build value screen qualify

Have your own excellence as a sales consultant ; of such a professional nature that the competition can not easily duplicate. Before you launch into a sales presentation; find out:
Who is the customer?  What does the customer want?  How does the customer pay?  And Why is the customer shopping? Knowing this kind of information gives you a strong foundation to build on with the customer.

A computer can compete with a computer. But a computer can not compete with a resourceful consultant; who can bring all relevant features and benefits that the customer wants into one clear package. A computer can not be a skilled student of people and know, just by studying facial expression; what a customer’s intentions are. Be that kind of resourceful consultant. Be the easy access bridge that the customer wants to cross, to get what they want! Sell Your Own Value.

Be a Bridge Builder

Never forget the common denominators that nearly always drive buying behavior.  Can you save me time? Can you make my life easier?   If you establish these two points first you may not have to spend your whole dialogue answering: Can you save me money?

Your customer’s have needs. If you can meet those needs and make their life easier, then you can establish value to them. And this is the only way to prevent the sales dialogue from sinking into a money only conversation. Don’t forget, if you will focus on Why they should buy from you and How you are going to help their life. Then and only then is it possible to avoid the quagmire, of the dialogue only being about competition or price..

You must keep in mind, you are not only selling a product or service. You are selling Value. And you must create this value for your customer to see. If you will create enough Value in the mind of your customer; then they will want to buy from you. Because you have proven yourself superior to your competitor. In this way it is possible to create a high return sales scene: A more profitable dialogue, than a strict point by point analysis against only price and competition. By selling enough value, You earn the right, to be respected as a trusted adviser. You have established how you can help them enough that price is now, not the only issue. Sell Your Own Value. Then, customers will buy more.

consultative selling picture

     The implications of how learning to sell your own value can help you in all the parts of your life. This knowledge’s power is so dramatic that I can not stop this BEAM (article) with just the sales component. The practical extensions of this concept are life changing.

When someone ridicules you in the workplace and doubts your ability; Sell Your Own Value. When someone in your home life does not believe in you and discourages you, instead of supporting and encouraging you; Sell Your Own Value.

Believe in yourself personal value self worth Einstein

      You can literally sell your own value out of anything. Ascribing to your own value is not pride, ego or hedonism. It is simply acknowledging the worth that your Creator has deposited in your being. It is in fact a necessary mindset, to ever approach the thresh-hold of your higher potential in life.

     For in fact, it is impossible to please our Divine Master if we do not multiply the gifts that He has given us. The stewardship of maximizing our talents is clearly a scriptural mandate. (Matt. 25:14-30) Therefore, from even the most reverent point of view; it is imperative to learn to Sell Your Own Value.

    Have a winning week, a wonderful life and never forget in sales, professional life, personal life and the whole of life: Sell Your Own Value.

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  1. I can Unquestionably imagine what you stated. Your reasoning is mindful. These are important factors to keep in mind of. I definitely get annoyed whilst other people talk about that which they plainly don’t understand. You hit the nail upon the head and also defined how people should address the main thing without the side issues, of running down others. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

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