This is one of the most important articles that I have written on this site. Spiritually, Professionally and Personally; the content of this article will help you.

    How do you integrate and maximize work, career, vision, purpose, faith, focus, courage, business, meaning, energy and satisfaction? How do you turn these very important life elements into an action plan? A daily focus time is the answer to these imperative life questions.

Daily Living One Day At a Time

    Each day that you get up to go to work, you must start your car. If you forget to start it, it will not go.  If we are to live effective, on target lives; our operation is similar to our cars. We must start and maintain the functioning of our life, for it to get us where we want to go. A Daily Focus Time can help you achieve more and be happier.

Happiness is picture

     The aim of a focus time is to help you get more out of your daily life, work and career.  It should be directed to increase your vision, purpose, faith, focus, courage, business professionalism, meaning, energy and satisfaction in the work-place.  This targeting time will help you find empowered strategies to get you to “Act” on what you have learned and make it a living reality.

Choose happiness

     There is little I can do to help you get more gratification out of your life, than cause you to have a Daily Focus Time. There is joy and meaning to be found every day. Cheerfulness is a disposition not a magic activity. Simple pleasures of music, flowers, sea, sky, animals, friends & family can be enjoyed every day. There is joy in a cup of coffee.  There is the happiness of a good meal, the mirth of a good joke, and the sense of satisfaction of a job well done. These and one million other delights can invade our senses each day, when we give them proper attention. We can experience these joys every day; ….. In which our mind and heart is alive and open enough to appreciate them.

Happiness and attitude

The problem that prevents many from having this kind of a healthy outlook is the lack of a definite approach in working on the task.  To jump-start my daily living,  I literally have a time each day, when the matters of my own soul and well-being are my 100% concern.

Daily joy can be lost, when there is not a concentrated effort to make it a priority.  In the requirements and duties of each day, there is meaning and good.  But this realization is a mindset that must be cultivated regularly.

Find and celebrate the blessings of each day … God’s love and care is present, every day.  It is today. But, like any treasure, you must look to find it. I literally start and end each day with a definite time of focus, reflection, meditation, reading and prayer.

rules for happiness

Your focus time does not have to be just like mine to work. Yet, it must be daily and targeted, to be effective. You can and should integrate thoughts of family, health, career, church, community and service into the mix of this daily habit.

I cannot over-stress how these times of empowerment, learning and growth are as critical as fuel is to your car. You must be steady, relentless and consistent to see the good of this enriching practice.


Make Today Great logos


     Be relevant, right now. Make a contribution today. The best time to feel good about your own efforts is when you are doing something good. Target your current efforts. Yesterday’s aim will not do. You must aim again today.  Let your Daily Focus Time be a time when you take good aim on today’s tasks.


Being happy is a choice

Be flexible. Roll with the punches. What you are doing today may not necessarily be what you do tomorrow.  I recommend that you think a lot about the Serenity Prayer in your Daily Focus Times.  You can shock people with your adaptability. By having a more accepting tolerance about things that you cannot change, you will greatly enhance your peace of mind and serenity.

Concentrate all of your intensity on the absolute ideal of what you want to achieve in these Daily Focus Times. Identify weaknesses and work on them. Identify strengths and focus on them. This will help you hit the bulls-eye. Even if you miss the bulls-eye, you will still hit the target strongly. Furthermore, these daily times of direction will help you made sure you clearly see the target in the first place.

readiness like shooting an arrow

For me, what I do to help others attain more satisfaction in the workplace is through service to God. I dedicate every day to Him, especially in my Daily Focus Times.  I find this to be the surest ingredient to give daily balance in this walk of life.

 Have a definite time each day, when your own growth, development and well-being is your complete focus during that time. A Daily Focus Time can help you achieve more and be happier. Try it. You will like it.

Tim G. Carter - a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538

Tim G. Carter – a.k.a. “Slam”           336-688-7538

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  1. fibivens says:

    Thank you, Slam, for an inspiring, education ‘Beam’ .. Love this one, going to share on Google+, Twitter, and Face book. You are a blessing for us all! ♥ Miles of Smiles wished for you :-))

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