Slam’s Sales Tips 500 – 600, Fire in the Hole

You need fresh fuel to keep sales energy up and passion high! So,

here are more of SLAM’s Sales Tips to help you achieve more!


“Fire in the hole” is a warning that miners originally used to warn fellow workers that an explosive detonation in a confined space is just about to happen.  When the miners would set a charge, then big things were getting ready to happen with the coming blast.

fire in the hole 

When we make effective deliberate plans in our business realm, it should be the same way. We should make clear preparations and take solid actions that supercharge our situation. Such that we can expect definite results.

Then we should announce the expected explosion of change, to make our intentions known to others. This accountability step will help us follow through and let our business colleagues know what to expect.

set new goals

Set new fuses of possibility in your circumstance. Then, with the joy of looking forward to new achievements; announce the “Fire In the hole” to your workmates.

Always be constructively working on your own positive growth and change!

Snoopy going for it - advance - pursue


  1. #Sales – Professionalism can be defined as skilled competence coupled with effective organizational representation.
  2. #Sales – Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin-Mother Teresa
  3. #Sales – Passionate pursuit turns a dry job into the fabric of an exciting career.
  4. #Sales – Put your heart in your work and you will get more out of it.
  5. #Sales – Professionalism can be defined as skilled competence coupled with effective organizational representation.
  6. #Sales -You ask a sales person 2 b creative & produce-then don’t cover them with a mountain of paperwork-Utilize clerical resources for this
  7. #Sales – Free your sales people up from being paper pushers if you want them to focus on sales growth.
  8. #Sales – Don’t let paperwork rob u of ur sales passion-Get help-Find a system. Come in early. Don’t let a little thing turn n2 a big one.
  9. #Sales – #Slam – I am known as a hard driver. Here’s why.
  10. #Sales – A Fighing Spirit can help you overcome adversity. It does me.
  11. #Sales -Important BEAM on my goals & initiative 2 help u with sales career fulfillment- Tks 2 idea from @SteveGutzler
  12. #Sales -My public speaking and sales training website has a new look. Take a look. Still, a long way to go 2 update. 😉
  13.  #Sales – You can sharpen your selling technique, just by sharpening your vocabulary.
  14. #Sales – You would never expect to win an athletic performance giving 1/2 your effort; why expect to win selling with less than your best?
  15. #Sales – How can you succeed at it, if you don’t love doing it?
  16. #Sales -Well aimed words produce more sales-Become a master smith at conveying the right message-speak the right words
  17. #Sales – RT @hpiink “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” J. Paul Getty // Work increases our propensity towards luck!
  18. #Sales -Work with Dictionary-Pitch-Inflection-Tone-meter-rhyme-accuracy-sincerity & responses 2 improve speaking power!
  19. #Sales – Study what your customers tell you. Turn THEIR wants & needs into the text of your presentation.
  20. Helpful post on my blog… How to train your clients on working with you
  21. #Sales -Often sales R lost because marketing advantages are not maximized. Your minors may be a major to the customer.
  22. #Sales – Let your customer tell you why he wants to buy and then sell to his / her motives.
  23. #Sales -Have u really thought of every way your product has value? Your customer will not get it, unless you present it
  24. #Sales – Think about how you can “angle” your product or service differently, to make & retain more customers.
  25. #Sales – I have my karate students try different Angles of attack, till they find what works for them. Same in selling.
  26. #Sales -Aspiration, Motivation, Inspiration, Illumination, and Idealization R great as long as you don’t shun action.
  27. When people feel good they work at their best..leaders spread good feelings!
  28. #Sales -Think ur product or service is the same as mine-Your customers will come see me & they will not come back 2 u.
  29. #Sales – Finding your selling “niche” can mean the difference between working a job and being satisfied & fulfilled.
  30. #Sales – RT @SteveGutzler Never underestimate your abilities to do more than you can imagine!
  31. RT @managementbrad “When you provide #light for others, you light your own way too. #leadership”
  32. Even though there were no pat on the backs; I completed this project. Follow through is crucial.
  33. There was a lot of work to be done that no one but me, believed I could do. Will be same for you.
  34. The news was conveyed 2 me in no uncertain terms: the women of the home did not want the basketball goal standing there
  35. process of negotiating with my wife: I had a new goal in mind & my vision got clearer each time I had 2 sell her on it.
  36. “As I started my project, even in the shape it was in; my son Matt would prop it up and play it.”
  37. So I returned to my idea to salvage it. No one would believe I could repair it. It reminded me of many of us, as we age
  38. No one would pick it up-Couldn’t sell it-Couldn’t give it away-Couldn’t trash it-What was I to do with the goal?
  39. “My wife, Dawn quickly nixed that idea (of the basketball goal regeneration) & made me take it to the road”
  40. “I rescued the backboard from the woods. I fished it from its place of abandonment”
  41. “basketball goal sat for 7 years, in our woods. It literally became useless and existed only as an eyesore.”
  42. “I threw the goal in the woods and got rid of all the balls.”
  43. The boys played ball the drive-way, with the cars there, even after being threatened with bodily harm.
  44. A BEAM on “goals” at “A Goal in Mind” See:
  45. “One of my first “Goals” was to get the two youngest boys a goal; a basketball goal that is.” See:
  46. I had 2. She had 4. Together, we had a mess. LOL Get the picture at
  47. #Sales -Big undertaking bringing 2 families together in 2004. With 6 kids, a new goal was necessary. See what I mean at
  48. #Sales – Proverbs 23:7 “As a man thinks in His heart, so is he.” All that we would accomplish must begin as a thought.
  49. #Sales – verified in my own mind that if I finished it, it would work. The Goal loomed even larger in my mind.
  50. #Sales – RT @SteveGutzler  If people’s emotions are pushed toward the range of enthusiasm~performance can soar!
  51. No one else believed I could salvage & make a workable piece of equipment, out of the bits & pieces I had to work with.
  52. So, do you think new cracks created by people messing with it caused me to stop the work. One word. NO!
  53. My vision turned into a reality. My goal is now in my driveway.
  54. “The goal was in sight and this unexpected step didn’t even phase me. ” 
  55. #Sales – Do you have a vision that nobody else can see? | A Goal In Mind – via @CCCDynaPro #goalsetting #vision
  56. Would like to move forward but a) no one else see’s your vision and b) no one else believes you can do it……. That’s ok!
  57. #Sales – “take this good vision, this good direction and clarify it, into real goals.”
  58. To turn your dream into reality; it must move beyond the dream stage. So take the next step.
  59. I still intend to benefit corporations, with sales dynamo but now as an independent consultant.
  60. These are the steps, I must take to make my Passion and Sales Fulfillment Speaking target happen.
  61. 7. Ongoing development of #Sales Tips & corresponding reputation for them.
  62. 6. End of year, begin to line up Speaking Engagements.
  63. 5. With my local partners-form an agreement about building my new endeavor-while I develop Bennett Buildings of Tville.
  64. 4. Re-Design my Speaker’s Web-Page & other online tools into more Professional #sales image. and
  65. 3. Complete & publish if possible my book H.igh O.ctane P.ositive E.nergy.
  66. 2. Define your “brand” and online targeting strategy around a general 3:1 #Sales vs. Inspiration emphasis.
  67. 1. Build the plan and structure of my business in this calendar year, while I still maintain and grow my local business
  68. Complete & publish if possible my b H.igh O.ctane P.ositive E.nergy.
  69. Define my “brand” and online targeting strategy this year around a general 3:1 #Sales vs. Inspiration emphasis.
  70. #Sales – RT @stevegutzler Build a solution dream team. Think bigger, and dare the extraordinary!
  71. Build the plan and structure of my business in this calendar year, while I still maintain and grow my local business.
  72. #Sales – Winning = Have a goal, in mind and don’t stop until it is done.
  73. #Sales -There will B bumps along the way-U may have 2 scratch 1 plan & try another-but vision will succeed if u believe & take right steps.
  74. #Sales – You can “sell” others on your vision; a) if it is a good one. b) if you make positive progress & c) if you will not give up.
  75. #Sales – It may hurt some, to make your vision a reality. This is just part of the chance you take.
  76. #Sales – Sometimes the only person who can see your vision at first is you; and this is OK.
  77. #Sales – Great ideas can still be born, when all you have is broken pieces to begin with.
  78. 8. 5 Year Plan to phase into this Speaking / Consulting Venue, Full Time.
  79. #Sales – Work & Play are two good four letter words. We need both of them to be healthy.
  80. #Sales – A winning sales attitude looks for new levels of accomplishment.
  81. #Sales – A good sales attitude always accepts healthy challenges.
  82. #Sales – I always learned when competing in track in high school to run PAST the finish line. Same in selling.
  83. #Sales – Work & Play are two good four letter words. We need both of them to be healthy.
  84. #Sales – A winning sales attitude looks for new levels of accomplishment.
  85. #Sales- Effective Sales Strategies normally have the synergistic appeal of making you a better human being, as well.
  86. #Sales – If it interests your customer, it is effective bridge building. Focus on what interests them. NOT YOU!
  87. #Sales – A good painting requires texture, color, expression & interest. A good sales approach does also.
  88. Great talk w/ Tim @CCCDynaPro today. Unbelievable resource for sales info. Make sure you follow! #sales by @scott_juba
  89. #Sales – U can not give desire 2 a sales person but U can inspire them to have it-if they R open 2 positive influence.
  90. #Sales – Is like an interactive construction project. The customer should sense that you are building what they want with them.
  91. #Sales -Not only will your selling success make you more money. It will make you feel better about yourself. Knock it out of the park today!
  92. Business Demands Faith… | Let Me Move You via @letmemoveyou #entrepreneurship #sales #loyalty #customerservice
  93. #Sales – Don’t hide in your corner. Champions come back into the ring to win. Come back from your corner with Rocky Spirit to prevail.
  94. #Sales – Faith is the power of Inspiration at work. It can revolutionize your selling game to apply more faith.
  95. #Sales – is an ever changing dimension. To stay relevant and have an “A” game. You must grow….. DAILY!
  96. Consult @letmemoveyou to get exactly what her Twitter name implies; moving and uplifting thoughts, ideas & relevant selling information.
  97. #Sales – Consult @managementbrad for solid inspiration for your work day coupled with good management tips.
  98. Shelley Lundquist ‏ @letmemoveyou Consult @CCCDynaPro to learn valuable life lessons, share insightful thoughts, and a whole bag of magic tricks to help you with #sales
  99. #Sales – RT @dgcsufresno Rejection is always hard-Don’t let it get you down-Make it a fuel for your success-Dust yourself off and try again.
  100. #Sales – @letmemoveyou “REMEMBER – It’s easier to keep an existing client than to attract a new one.”

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