The mechanics of Impact and Rebound in Karate

The mechanics of impact and rebound

When a basketball strikes the floor, the ball deflates somewhat while the power of the hardness and harder surface of the floor is transmitted into the ball. There is actually impact from the ball transmitted into the floor. It is just that the surface of the floor is harder than the surface of the ball. Therefore there is more power transmitted back into the ball than there is into the floor.

This causes the rebound of the ball. Maximum Impact is at the point where the ball flattens out as much as it will against the floor. And then because of its elasticity it springs back and upward.

Our punching is much like this except. Except we are not striking concrete that is harder than our striking object. The striking object of a correctly tightened fist👊, is harder than the body that is our striking target. Therefore the impact of the Fist is more like the impact of the concrete. So it’s driving power is more akin to the concrete, than the ball. Like the surface of the ball collapses and the impact is absorbed in the Target; in this same way, the body, absorbs the strike like the ball does of the harder floor.

The most powerful impact is one that takes the power of the harder striking object and transmits it as deeply as possible into the Target. In this case the target of a body. Therefore at the point of impact the Striking Force (the fist) must be as hard as possible to achieve Maximum Impact. It must also have maximum velocity at the point of impact. So the techniqe must have speed and it must have locking, all at the same time.

This is a delicate but dynamic interchange, between impact and rebound. The body also has rebound characteristics and will force the punch back. This natural tendency of the body to push the arm back, moved in augmentation or synchrony to our effort to react causes our movement to naturally disengage even faster, and with more velocity. Therefore impact velocity and rebound not only influences, the initial strike, but flows into enhancing the succeeding strike.

So therefore, in Shotokan we take all the many points of the body and synergize them with each other to increase speed & to increase the hardness and force of the impact. Thus overall increasing the power of our strikes.

That is why when a floor is struck a concrete floor is struck with a sledgehammer instead of a basketball it breaks. The harder the Striking object the more power and destructive force is transmitted into the target.

Some of my students have seen, how I can strike a human target stop only as deep as the surface of the target, and still the subject will feel the force of the powerfully delivered strike come out their back. This is because the inertia and energy of the strike goes past the point of impact.

That is why we want maximum Impact and rebound powers coupled and combined in our strikes and kicks. It is also why, letting our karatetechniques “”flow”” increases their Effectiveness and efficiency.

The following are some Invisible energy examples to consider in further expansion of this concept! Slam- Sensei Tim

Apple (seed inside)
Shotgun shell

Sensei: Tim Carter

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