Crockpot Chicken Livers

If you don’t like chicken livers, read the next post. Skip the read. You won’t like this one.

So I bought way too many fresh chicken livers to use fishing. So I created this dish To use the extra chicken livers. I’m not doing deep fried anything these days. So I decided to make them in a crock pot. First I washed, then cut in 1/2 the livers.

To prepare, I put about one pound of these chicken livers in a deep fry Pan, pre-heated on medium with some Olive oil, Italian red wine vinegar, Onion seasoning And a heaping tablespoon of yellow Curry. I cooked this on medium adding 1 cup Progresso garlic & Herb bread crumbs as I cooked for @ 5 minutes, stirring continuously.

After a light stir fry, I added 4-7 oz. milk and 1/3 glass jar, Prego roasted garlic parmesan sauce, + 1 small 8 oz. container of Breakstone sour cream to the mix. And a slight sprinkling of Cajun seasoning, I blended in. And simmered the now creamy, lightly stir-fried chicken livers until a slight boil, of the mix.

I had already put a can of Campbell’s creamy mushroom soup and water in a small crock pot and and a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup and water in the crock pot. And already Blended and cooked them together on high for 10 minutes in the crockpot. Then, as soon as the livers were finished, I put the pre-cooked contents of the deep pan, in the sauce in the crockpot.

Stirred well and covered on high heat, to cook for 2-3 hours. Right now it seems to taste like a white Italian mushroom Alfredo. I will let anyone curious know how this turns out. I will have some tomorrow at lunch. 🙂

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