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It is widely known that in the past, I was a Quaker Minister. I stay away from that term now, because I would rather be known just as a good, solid man, than a Preacher. Part of my reasoning for that is: I feel like we all have the same responsibility before God, to do our best to serve Him. I feel, no one has more or less responsibility in this department.  Each one of our lives should be gratefully dedicated to honor and harmonize with God.

Quaker life

Yet, some of us do seem to have a special call in the (spiritual) area of life and I am one of these. So, I accept my responsibility to be a spokesman for Christ, when called upon. Recent events, namely seeing people beheaded in the name of religion, overwhelms my conscience with fervent passion.  I feel, I must speak out as a voice of sanity, in a world attacked by religious nuts.

Quaker values

So it will not seem that I am picking on other religions, I remind you of Jim Jones (of a Christian culture), who in 1978 lead 909 people to their deaths by suicide. No, it is not just other religions; . . . .  absurdities abound in the name of the spiritual part of life…… And this should be the part of life that makes us the most sound, well rounded and healthy people, possible.

healthy religion spirit mind and body Quaker

This is not surprising to a man like me, of deep devotion to God. For wherever there is genuine value and treasure, there will always be counterfeits. Faith should be full and free. Yet, when we see such horror in the name of religion; we know that this kind of faith is foolish.

Plainly, There seems to be a lot of confusion about what should and should not be accepted and expected from any kind of religious faith. The following 10 ideas seem to be plain truths, about what is good about faith and when to suspect that religion has turned into insanity.

Current events make it necessary for me to speak out on this subject. So here are some simple guidelines to think about, in determining if your religious influences are inspiring or degrading; healthy or unhealthy.

1- It is healthy to respect people of all faith & persuasions, as long as their belief inspires that which is good & healthy in humankind .

2- If religion is healthy- it inspires virtue-truth-honor-nobility-courage-humility-character-honesty-value & compassion .

3 – My father taught me a wise lesson; my freedom ends where your nose begins and vice versus. Healthy, Religious Liberty is fair for all concerned.

4 – Deep personal devotion to God will always inspire that which is good, uplifting & just; otherwise it is oppressive confusion-not true spirituality..

5 – All belief systems that produce well-being; ascribe to justice and truth; to guiding principles of honesty and love.-

6 – All men & women with healthy beliefs ascribe and follow clear moral codes of conduct.

7 – How can we truly serve God that we do not see & mistreat men that we do see. What we believe must influence what we do in a positive way, for it to be acceptable and right.

8 – God is that Being who’s principles are so good & righteous that they encourage us to be benevolent beings in His image .

9 – Faith should liberate our eyes and heart to be more considerate, caring, courageous, noble souls championing truth.

10 – A healthy faith should make the heart stronger, the mind clearer and the motives purer.

good thoughts pic

A friend of mine (CJ Jones) said on her FB page this morning as I was finishing this up. “As you go through your day, show kindness to those you encounter and you will feel filled up.” I replied: Such a simple, yet profound way to live. To practice being good to each other. To which she said: “Right? It’s so simple and yet sooooo many people do not do it.” Our faith can not be of positive effect, if our lives are not truly helpful to others.

Think good thoughts pic

In conclusion, Paul Johnson in his “History of Christianity” makes the statement “a sincere follower of the truth has nothing to fear from the facts.” Even so, those of us of a sincere faith must be mindful to make sure our faith is leading us to our loftiest accomplishments of humility, love and service. Not deceiving us to become arrogant agents of evil.

Difficult words? I know. But this is a difficult day in which we live and they are needed.

Tim the Quaker in black

                                 Tim G. Carter – “Slam” 336-688-7538


      Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. Those of you who have followed my BEAM (blog) for some time, probably thought I have forgotten the GUTS acrostic series.  No worries. I am up to 82 and there are plenty more to share with you. The reason for my delay in releasing them is that I have so many writing topics to share with you, that sometimes they get pushed to the side. So, I will make amends today with another Guts Is The Key release: G.U.T.S. #38 – Gristle Untenderizes The Steak.

gristle in steak

      Gristle is a pet peeve to a steak connoisseur. No matter how good the meat is. Strands of gristle can ruin the steak. Gristle is down-right inedible. You can marinate the steak. You can tenderize the steak. You can cook the steak perfectly. But if it is full of gristle you will not enjoy it and may not even be able to eat it.

    Selfish stubborn-ness and harsh mannerisms are like gristle in our behaviour.  Unpleasant characteristics that makes our lives, not worth the chewing to God and other people.  Like gristle in steak, when we will not listen or respect the opinions of others; we have streaks in us that make us just about intolerable.

High pressure sales tactics 2

    Often people excuse abrasive behavior by saying that their rigid forcefulness is “just who we are” or  “take it or leave it.” Yet unyielding arrogance only hurts us and is without excuse. We don’t really get by with it. The consequences are impaired relationships professionally and inter-personally. Practicing aggressive behavior can lose us opportunities we may have otherwise enjoyed; just because those around us, do not want to put up with the gristle.

      How do I know? Because I truly struggle with this myself. But I have learned and am learning: Honesty is no excuse for a lack of tact. Candor is no excuse for poor manners. Personal convictions are no excuse for a lack of respect, for the opinion of others.  Truly, I have to work on this all the time and I am making progress.

facing and working through problems

     Yes, I am “Slam.” And Yes, I am a “plain-spoken” Quaker. But sometimes, if I am not careful my Slamism can cross the line from dynamic, to overbearing. And sometimes, if I am not careful my plain-spoken-ness can cross the line from truthfulness, to being harshly inconsiderate.

     This is a tough admission to make but I have found that facing facts and taking the first step is the most crucial to growth. Because of my need to improve in this area, I am always working in my meditations to practice “a habit of restraint.” Learning and practicing this lesson makes me much more enjoyable to deal with.  The underlying truth of these principles is taught in my favorite piece of literature.

Bible Word is a lamp unto feet direction guidance from God

     The Bible describes the characteristics that help us avoid the gristle in our lives as, The Fruits of the Spirit. Fruit is the sweet, harvest-worthy parts of the plant. Even-so, in our lives we should work on bearing the fruit of personal conduct that is most worthy and admirable.  These kind of personal behavior fruits are classified by the Bible; as love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

fruits of the Holy Spirit right conduct

      These virtuous qualities prevent us from developing obstreperous, difficult and unmannerly character traits. Fruit does not have gristle.  It is not so tough in spots that it can not be eaten.

    The lesson is plain.  Our lives will not be filled with unpleasant qualities, if we practice the benevolent nature that we can learn from temperance and the fruits of the Spirit. You will benefit in both professional and personal contexts, if you work on making the manners and mannerisms in your life more Christlike.

personal development

     G.U.T.S. #38 is meant to remind us of the importance of disposition, character and a pleasant nature in our lives.  Be fit to be served on The King’s banquet table; avoid the gristle. In addition to working daily on your performance; work daily on your attitude and pleasant behavior.  You will find the rewards significant and measurable.

Tim sharing experience, strength and hope

Tim a.k.a. “Slam” 336-688-7538



Because I have been in the martial arts for so many years, it is

easy to forget that many people do not know simple self-defense

rules to save their life.  I have used the techniques I know, in many

times and places to help others in danger.

This post is not meant to display impressive writing skills but to

be a simple, concise guide to help people, especially ladies to make

sure they can save their own life against an attacker.  To me, most

of these are common sense. But many people don’t seem to use a lot

of that when their life is on the line. So here are some definite

things  that will help you ladies to avoid danger and to know

what to do, when  you are in danger.

woman's knee to groin and double block to face

1. The oldest defense axiom is true. Avoid dark places alone at


2. If you must go into a potentially compromising situation take

a friend.

3. Always carry your car keys in your hand, when leaving a

building. Keep the longest, strongest key pointing out from

between your pointing and middle finger. This is an Excellent tool

to blind an assailant with a quick jab to the eyes.

using car keys for safety

4- If you can not get away from someone going to your car and

it seems that you will not get to your car. Crawl under a car &

yell like crazy. It is nearly impossible for an assailant to get to

you while you are kicking, jabbing and poking while he tries

to get under the car to you.

5- Forget mace. Get a stun gun (if legal where you are). Yes they

work and will disable even the biggest, meanest opponent

long enough for you to get away.

stun gun use on an attacker

6-  Run away. The Best way to avoid injury is not to be there.

7- The elbow is one of the strongest points on your body. If you

     are close enough to use it, do so!

8 – If a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse, 

DO NOT HAND IT TO HIMToss it away from you….

Chances are that he is more interested in your wallet or

purse than you, and he will go for it.

RUN immediately and fast in  THE OTHER DIRECTION.

9- If you are thrown into the trunk of a car, kick out the

back tail lights and stick your arm out the hole and start

waving vigorously..  The driver won’t see you, but everybody

else will. This saves lives.

10- Women have a tendencyto get into their cars

after shopping, eating, working, etc., and just sit

(doing their checkbook, or making a list, etc. DON’T!)

Predatorwatch and this is the perfect opportunity for

them to get in on the passenger side, put a gun to your head,

and tell you where to go.. AS SOON AS YOU GET INTO YOUR


dilly dallying and staying too long in a parking lot

Think safe, act fast, don’t tarry       …………………………

11 – If someone is in the car with a gun to your head;


Instead gun the engine and speed into anything,

wrecking the car. Your Air Bag will save you. If the

person is in the back seat they will get the worst of it .

As soon as the car crashes bail out and run.  It is better 

than having them find your body in a remote location.

12 – Important thoughts about getting into your car in a

parking lot, or parking garage:

    a. ) Be aware: look around you, look into your car,

at the passenger side floor and in the back seat.

    b.) If you are parked next to a big van, enter your car

from the passenger door. Serial killers often attack their

victims by pulling them into their vans while women

are attempting to get into their cars.

    c.) Look at the car parked on the driver’s side of your

vehicle,and the passenger side… If a male is sitting alone

in the seat nearest your car, you may want to walk back

into the mall, or work, and get a guard/policeman to

walk you back out. IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY.

danger of attackers in parking lots

13 – ALWAYS take the elevator instead of the stairs.

Stairwells are horrible places to be alone and the perfect crime spot.

This is especially true at NIGHT!)

14 –  If the predator has a gun and you are not under his control,

ALWAYS RUN! The predator will only hit you (a running target)

4 in 100 times; and even then, it most likely WILL NOT be a vital organ.

RUN, if possible in a zig -zag pattern!

15 – Most women are always sympathetic in nature. STOP being 

this way, when you are alone. It may get you raped, or killed…

Never stop to lend aid, when alone. This sets up many, many 


Remember: Ted Bundy, one of America’s most notorious serial killer.

He was a good-looking, well educated man, who ALWAYS played on

the sympathies of unsuspecting women. He walked with a cane, or a

limp, and often asked ‘for help’ into his vehicle or with his vehicle, 

which is when he abducted his victims.  

Ted Bundy

16 -Do not go outside, if you hear a crying baby on her porch at night,

‘Whatever you do, DO NOT open the door..’ There have been several 

reports of a serial killer using a baby’s recorded cry to coax women

out of their homes. – – Recently, there have been reports of babies

left on the side of the road, as a lure to coax women to help them;

while the attacker hides observing nearby. 

17.  If you wake up in the middle of the night to hear all your taps

outside running or what you think is a burst pipe, DO NOT GO

OUT TO INVESTIGATE! These people turn on all your

outside taps full ball so that you will go out to investigate and

then attack. Stay alert, keep safe, and look out for your neighbors!

18 – If in your car and you believe you are being followed; call

911, describe the car and drive to the police department.

19- Get a friend, to help you work on practical self defense

techniques. Practice swift disabling strikes to the following

targets. Eyes, throat, groin & knees. Can’t see, can’t fight.

Can’t breathe, can’t fight. Can’t stand up, can’t fight. Can’t

walk, can’t catch you. Do not practice any more than

attacks to these four areas, unless you are a skilled martial


attack vital targets

20 – Practice impacting a foam or bag, with a board behind

it. Don’t let the moment of need, be the first time you have

really hit something.

21 – If you are approached for money walking down the street, never 

stop and give change or go into your purse or wallet. Keep walking

without stopping  or acknowledging.

21 - Plan in advance. We have fire alarms in our

homes, air bags on our cars. And yet many people fail to plan

for their own defense. Work on your emergency defense plan.

Find a good self defense class and take it. You do not need

full blown karate and unless you train for a long time and become

well skilled. Find a short, condensed class for which the only

purpose is self-defense against an attacker.

self defense attack points

22 – Last but not least. Consider a  good fire arm. Attend more

than just the required conceal and carry class, if you get one.

Learn the proficient, safe use of it; if you choose this route for



Refuse to be Used. Prepare yourself, to defend yourself.

When your life is on the line, be ready to save it.


2012 Karate Plaque

Sensei Tim is available to come speak to your outdoor or martial

arts group… Call 336-688-7538

Sensei Tim, in between techniques

Sensei Tim, in between techniques


Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise  //   

     I like alliteration. The repetition of consonants is a rhythmic sound that can often help drive home good points. These four alliterative words Passion, Patience, Peace and Promise are like that. They are each important. And best understood in light of each other.

      Alliteration also aids in memory. So when the concept driven home by the words is a strong one; it makes it very easy to remember.

A well known example of alliteration

A well known example of alliteration

So these 4 words:

  Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise are alliterative 

words that you should think about and remember.

Passion is a priceless quality in human
beings. Without it causes are not 
triumphed. Loves are not forged.
Discovery is not made. No passion,
no pride.  We need to be passionate
human beings to advance.
 Passion leads to purpose

       But passion can also be something taken to excess. Wars are fought in the name of passion. People are killed in the name of passion and etc. You get the picture. So passion, as incredibly important as it is must be balanced with virtue and character to be positive. So I encourage you to live life with passion and zeal, tempered by value and ethics.

Passion pursue your heart

Patience is an undervalued quality.
Nearly every pursuit is helped by
its application. Yet, many pursuits
flounder because its need is ignored.
Learn the word. Practice the virtue.
patience allows life time to fall in place

How do you learn patience. Practice doing something that you do not naturally enjoy doing. Practice waiting on someone that does not move at your pace. Practice delayed gratification, when obtaining something for yourself. Patience may not be fun to learn but it’s power and usefulness is an unsurpassed strength and discipline.

Peace is an overused, misunderstood
concept. The Prince of Peace grants
this blessing as His reward to faithfulness
& goodness. Peace is not being
so vanilla that no one takes offense to you.
Peace is being so benevolent that  
you pursue the cause of good
in all situations, even when it is 
not in your personal benefit. Peace
prefers the true welfare of others.
Peace must first be internal & not 
possible, to be taken away by
circumstance to be genuine.
Lion King pride character wisdom Simba

     Peace is a gift of the Prince of peace. We can not have peace in our world, till we have peace in our hearts. Peace settles the restlessness of being impossible to satisfy. Peace tames the aggressive beast to an assertive servant. Peace takes the sword of conflict and turns it into the solace of healing and the safety of protection.

Promise is the hope that when
Passion, Patience & Peace are
present in balance in a life; 
blessing will result in individuals.
Promise is the hope that if Passion,
Patience & Peace are present in balance
in a society, blessing in our world will
Promise, New Opportunities and Hope

      Without promise, no one will harness passion into a pure, motivating power. Without promise, no one will tame impetuousness into graceful patience. Without promise, now one will suffer the unfounded attacks of abusers; to teach the sacred path of peace.

     Promise is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Promise is the clear day after the punishing storm. Promise is the green resurrection of spring, from the icy steel of winter. Promise is the pure hope that there is great joy awaiting our noble, just and true efforts.

…May God grant us the Prize of
Promise: His blessings on our 
lives & our society.

Think of these words and the good they can bring:

 Passion, Patience, Peace & Promise

Tim sharing experience, strength and hopeTim is available to speak to your group or organization. Call him at: 336-688-7538


   Previously I owned a 91 Caddy.  It was not running

right & I almost went to a mechanic, until I self-realized

the problem.  It takes Premium to run its best.

    Now, I often drive my 1977 classic Ford truck. Just like

my old Caddy; it just doesn’t perform with 2nd rate fuel.

I have to not only run high octane but non-ethanol fuel,

to get performance from my truck.

Slam's 77 Truck

   These vehicles have an important lesson to teach us.

We; like those vintage vehicles operate best only with

Premium fuel. 

   I like to develop acrostics to teach points and principles.

So, Here is a word picture to help us think about

improving our work with the Octane of Premium.

P ositive Mindset

    – nothing works poorer on the job than stinking thinking.

R ested & Relaxed Focus

    – up tight agitated people rarely do their best work.

E ncouraged mindset

    – people do not function at high thresh-holds of ability

        when they are browbeaten and distressed.

M otivated method

     – high achievement requires that we give good effort

         coupled with smart plans.

I nterested attitude

     – if you are bored with your job, you will not produce

        good work. Find ways to make your work interesting.

U tilization techniques

     – skills only lead to better job performance, if we find

        solid ways to relate them to our tasks.

M ental Stimulation

        – nothing works, when we don’t put our brain to the

task.  A time each day should be spent thinking about

how to do things better. Reading is a great catalyst here. 

   It may seem like overstating the obvious, to encourage

you to focus on stimulating your life with maximum

quality influences. Yet, nothing is so easy to overlook

as the obvious. It really is important to evaluate the

kinds of things that we are counting on to sustain and

nourish us.

   So don’t run the special high  performance vehicle of

your efforts on low octane fuel.  Use a Premium

strategy for Premium Performance.

P  ositive Mindset

R  ested & Relaxed Focus

E  ncouraged mindset

M otivated method

I   nterested attitude

U  tilization techniques

M ental Stimulation

Each day apply these to your work and you will see

your job appreciation and performance improve.

Slam is available to help your group learn how to finish strong. Hire him as a speaker at: 336-688-7538.

Slam is available to help your group learn how to have a Premium work strategy. Hire him as a speaker at: 336-688-7538.


      Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. You have come to expect that you can get solid sales helps here. Here is some sales ammo to put in your arsenal to strengthen your performance.

1- A sales career is more than a quick sale. You can con somebody once and call yourself a sales person. But to be truly skilled in the art of persuasion, you must practice ethics in the task. Bilking the customer into believing something untrue is not sales but being a liar behind a legal shroud. If you would be a true sales pro; you must learn present the truth persuasively; not package a lie cleverly.


2-  Great theories are good in the science lab but by themselves, they will make you no Money. If you do not ignite your ideas, with solid action, they produce nothing. It is great to have great ideas but make sure to put them into practice.

Vision with Action


 3- A work no longer in progress is in regress.  A good sales approach is always being refined. It is never finished. It is like a work of art on an ever changing canvas. To be the best, you must thrive on continuous improvement. Yesterday’s laurels must never be good enough, if you want to be excellent today.

Make Today Great logos larger painted

4- You must never forget your basic math. The genius of originality must always be added to the discipline of good habits. It is only when fresh approaches are added to solid training that the most desirable results are achieved.

originality and creativity


5- Having your materials together and showing your materials with positive energy are qualities that must travel side by side. If you can’t find it, you can’t use it. But if you can find everything but can’t present it with conviction and interest, you can’t convince anybody of your points.  Have the balance of organization and the thrust of enthusiasm as twin files, in your performance portfolio. Be organized and yet energized!

organize and yet energize


Let the following sales tips be the dynamite you need to succeed this week!

  1. #Sales -People like integrity-If u say the price is the price-then let it Be the price-Don’t use different pricing scales for ea. Customer!

  2. #Sales – A good sales attitude is like an ignition switch. You do not just put it in gear & roll it. You must definitely start with ignition

  3. #Sales – A good sales approach should always be like a planner or journal. You should always be working on it & have improvements in mind.

  4. #Sales Haphazard sales people eventually fail-Spontaneity is not a state of unpreparedness-Being prepared & being inspired must go together.

  5. #Sales – Organization & Enthusiasm are like twin blades of a good sword. U should have a good plan & flexible approach. It takes both to win.

  6. #Sales – Maybe your job is not the problem. Maybe the problem is how you are looking at it.

  7. #Sales – Most often the answers to better performance are not in a different workplace but in a different YOU.

  8.  -Find someone constructive 2 bounce ideas off-Don’t go 2 the pity party corner with workplace evaluation-Be Real

  9.  -Grass is not always greener but if you are a square peg-U wont fit in a round hole. Sometimes u have 2 change.

  10. - Don’t forget to learn from the opposite sex in the sales game. The best performer may not be of your own gender.

  11.  – At the beginning of the year, its a good idea to try some “fresh start” approaches. Review through the year!

  12. #Sales – It is not original but it is true. Nothing changes until you do. Read:

  13. #Sales – We must Change the oil. Not change the car. Change the way you do it. The way you look at it. Avoid Rut-Itis

  14. #Sales – Even good principles can sometimes be displaced by still better ones.

  15. #Sales – I tell my customers if a sale is not good for them that I will walk away from it. And this is true-I mean it!!

  16. #Sales – In this career path, each day can be a new adventure. Each days work can be the preparation for a better tomorrow.

  17. #Sales – More than any other profession causes you to have to continually maximize and sharpen communication skills.

  18. #Sales -Some things seem 2 market themselves & others require amazing persuasion-Understand the nature of ur market-yet B flexible to change

  19. Positive #Sales – insists there are virtues not available for the auction block, for sacrifice to the highest bidder.

  20. #Sales – Surprise! Word gets out! When people find out U REALLY want whats good for them-they trust u & send friends.

  21. #Sales -A consultant honestly advises a customer, with expert information that helps them make a good buying decision.

  22. #Sales – The true art of selling not only fattens the pocketbook but enriches the life.

  23. #Sales – How do you know you have beliefs that matter? Try practicing them at work…

  24. #Sales – What is the last new fact you learned about your own product or service? If it is not fresh to you, it wont be to your customer.

  25. #Sales –  Many of you find yourself in an office setting, day after day. This BEAM is for you..

  26. #Sales -If u are going 2 thrive n an office environment, u need creative, effective strategies 2 keep up ur energy flow

  27. #Sales -Anyone who stops learning is old-Anyone who keeps learning stays young-The greatest thing n life is 2 keep ur mind young- Henry Ford

  28. #Sales – suggestions to help you get more work out of your day and enjoyment out of your work, in the office.

  29. #Sales -Networking is a powerful component 2 keep ur edge n sales-The experience of another professional may give u just the insight u need.

  30. #Sales – “I sold newspapers as a boy, door to door. I sold the neighbors on letting me mow their yards.”

  31. #Sales #office Try these suggestions & see if they do not help u get more work out of ur day & enjoyment out of ur work

  32. #Sales – How can you succeed at it, if you don’t love doing it?

  33. #Sales – Yep. I have spent most of my career, selling. Besides this: I just love 2 sell. U can learn this mindset too!

  34. #Sales – RT @alex__au “The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem…..”

  35. #Sales -I’ve sold on golf courses-in conference rooms-on boats-in classrooms- in living rooms-I’ve even sold n my sleep

  36. #Sales – Christian Ministry- The Only thing I’ve sold my way into, without the promise of ANY material reward.

  37. #Sales – One thing is for sure, I can figure out how to sell in just about every situation. #adaptabilityisimportant

  38. #Sales – Self improvement must accompany this career path, if you are to be successful in it.

  39. #Sales – There are a zillion sales capacities. Find the one that fits you.


  41. #Sales – You can’t win if you don’t want to be there. See the high value in what you do.

  42. #Sales – Remember that each customer represents a life that you get to touch.

  43. #Sales – Techniques alone will not form your unique style. They will not define you as a positive sales person.

  44. #Sales – Let your career develop not as a required task but a mirrored image of who you are.

  45. #Sales – There is a lot more, to developing a healthy sales attitude than just pre-counting dollar bills.

  46. #Sales RT @jenlongmore Take time each day to visualize your goals. #purpose

  47. #Sales – How can U B more inventive & original in Ur sales process? That’s a Good question to ask yourself, every day!

  48. #Sales -Creativity & colorfulness can set you apart from the other guy or gal. Especially, when well-aimed & relevant.

  49. #Sales – A good sales Pro will Discover & develop new sales avenues to increase his companies profits.

  50. #Sales – A good sales Pro will find never before imagined applications & markets for his companies product.

  51. #Sales – “I literally pulled the ping-pong ball out of my pocket and rolled it on the table as we talked.”

  52. #Sales – A top flight sales pro will find ways to stand out, when they interview.

  53. #Sales -Know U R ready, when the day arrives-Comprehensive preparation should be accomplished prior to the actual sale.

  54. #Sales – the biggest selling job with some companies initially is to get on board.

  55. #Sales – each step of progress is in itself a selling situation.

  56. Continuing with #Sales review of content of

  57. #Sales – Take time each day to visualize your goals. #purpose /

  58. #Sales – Want to fire up a good sales person. Tell them they can’t do it!

  59. #Sales – A good salesperson is motivated with the prospect of the next sale, just like a dangling apple motivates a horse.

  60. #Sales – If you have a great selling attitude, you experience your own internal “Atta-Boy” every time you make a sale.

  61. #Sales – If you are into selling. You feel like you sunk a hole in one, every time you make a sale.

  62. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People will come to trust you and respect what you tell them, if you work right.

  63. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It is useful in many settings and situations.

  64. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. The function of your work clearly shows to others that you have a Maker.

  65. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People like to be seen with nice ones.

  66. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People will pay a lot for it, if it is extremely well designed.

  67. #Sales -is like a wind up watch. They may all look different but they accomplish reliable results if they work right.

  68. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People like for it to look nice but nobody likes to look at it, if its not working.

  69. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. If somethings not right, you need to fix it, to be able to use it.

  70. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It works best when its not to fast or too slow.

  71. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. If it is working you can count on it.

  72. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It works great as long as you remember to wind it. #itworksifudo

  73. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. There is an obvious design to what you do.

  74. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It works great as long as you remember to wind it. #it worksifudo

  75. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It ticks with regularity if it is working properly.. 

  76. Sales – Pray about your selling capacity. Laugh if you want to. But if you try it for 30 days, u will find it works.

  77. #Sales – Make it a personal goal each day 2 tell the truth about all things & then u will not have 2 try 2 remember what u told a customer.

  78. #Sales – Become congruent with what you intend to create.

  79. #Sales -Stick ur finger in a light socket & if u survive u will remember not to do it again-Bad language in public is that way. #ItcanhurtU

  80. #Sales – A correct attitude of respect and sincere appreciation for all kinds of people will win you friends and customers. #Don’tBeAPutOn

  81. #Sales – Every sale is important because it represents a transaction with another human being and all human beings are important.

  82. #Sales – Use off times to a) develop effective game plans to handle the influx of business when it comes in & b) reach out to bring it in.

  83. #Sales -Have performance standards-so you do not have to think through every detail of the sales process in the heat of battle. #goodhabits

  84. #Sales – The best motto in a changing work load is “Rigid Flexibility.”

  85. #Sales – Personal efficiency adds great quantities of fuel to sales capacity.

  86. #Sales – When the load is overwhelming; have brief moments of prioritizing, focus on the next most important thing & do it well. Then repeat

  87. #Sales – When the heat is on, pretend your an ice cycle; Be cool under pressure.

  88. #Sales – A sales person is the best frontline PR statement for a company (or the worst).

  89. #Sales -Stuck n a rut? Interview one successful n the area u struggle-Learn & implement-Don’t miss the forest for the trees. #ThinkOutofBox

  90. #Sales – To consistently improve in sales, have growth partners that challenge you.

  91. Need a powerful lift to get your day started constructively positive in the mornin? Read: … with your morning coffee.

  92. I have found life to be a moldable jigsaw puzzle. U always have 2 adapt and adjust to grow!

  93. #Sales – R.U.T. Requires Unusual Training; Responds UltraWell to Tenacity; Releases Under TeamWork; Rally Until Triumph.You can get stuck analyzing choices and not DO anything. Do not be lured into this trap.

  94. Get your eyes off the stack and attack the next issue // I think I will write a book on this.

  95. I have found that in moments of perplexity; simplicity is still the answer.

  96. #Sales – Get up & move around frequently. Moving the body stimulates the mind.

  97. #Sales -Believe so deeply in God’s providence and your own value that difficulties are just like water bouncing off a duck. #TheyCanNotStopU

  98. ‎#Sales -U shout Fire N The hole when enough explosives r place N a confined space-Prepare ur mind & skills-The explosion is imminent!

  99. #Sales – Is a career dimension where your possibilities can match your highest imagination. Dream Big & Stretch High!

  100. #Sales – I think I can. I think I can. That is the proper sales attitude.

    Tim G. Carter - a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538
    Tim G. Carter – a.k.a. “Slam”       336-688-7538

     Dear GutsIsTheKey Reader, As my professional and career related writings continue; I want to continue to offer inspirational articles of a spiritual nature.  This is one.

      All of my life strength springs from a vital, nourishing relationship with God. This relationship benefits me personally, professionally and socially. These thoughts flooded to me earlier this week. So, I share them with you, in hopes that they will help you as well.

I have experienced God to be the Master of the 2nd chance. Do not live in a flawed past. He will help you make today new and tomorrow better! —
Standing underneath a waterfall is always exhilarating-A genuine relationship with God is like that! Always something powerful going inside! —

beautiful water fall db
Spiritual Refreshment does not come from without. It comes from within. In the same way that a light bulb’s power starts on the inside first. —

If you want people to see a better you on the outside; let your Maker create a new you on the inside. —
The clean water that one drinks from a spring always comes from a pure source. Get plugged in to the right power source for a cleaner life! —

well springing up
Life growth should be like contents under pressure. Let so many good things happen, on the inside, you cannot help but let them bubble out! —
We restrict God because of a lack of comprehension. He wants to build something more wonderful on the inside of us than we can understand. —

Think outside the box 1 db
Do not restrict God by your mental box-He is beyond anything you can imagine-To experience Him, you must allow yourself to grow beyond that. —

Think outside the box 2 db

God’s Spirit can be like a mega super charged refreshing flood inside; you cannot explain it but you can experience it with a open heart! —

A yielded mind, an humble, contrite spirit knowing how small you are in the light of the Divine Majesty makes the vessel of your heart ready. —
Love for God should be like an electric explosion on the inside of you, as you rejoice and worship the Divine Maker who is so real and true. —

electric explosion lightning pc
If your mind, will & purpose is to cause God joy with your life-he will open mysteries to you and reveal His beautiful plan, if you seek Him. —
Often God does not allow me to share all He shows me-Some of it is like a private-powerful song in my heart just for me. #HeWillDoTheSameForU —

The Song of life
To be affiliated with a cleansing fire, one must not grieve that personal impurities are burned away. The relationship is worth the price! —

Grace, Mercy, Kindness, Strength, Honor, Compassion, Courage, Love, Wisdom can exist inside You, if you yield to Him who IS all these things. —

Holy Spirit Indwelling wisdom from God
Sometimes God opens a faucet of expression and lets me share joys of His Beauty with others. He wants to use us, in His time, as His vessels. —
Be blessed today my friends. You are loved more than you know by a wise-benevolent Master who wants you to come to Him to receive life in full!

Tim G. Carter - a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538

Tim G. Carter – a.k.a. “Slam” 336-688-7538


  I found it really hard to adjust when I came back into the office environment to work again. These are some things I have learned to do to improve my own happiness and energy flow, in the office. Some may seem obvious. But I have found the obvious the hardest to achieve for a lot of us. We know it but don’t do it. So don’t gloss over the obvious. It may be the glaring missing piece of the puzzle you need.

   I also discovered some things not quite so obvious to improve your mental hygiene and work attitude in the office. These require a little work. So here are some things to work on to improve the way you work & feel, in the office.

  1. Get adequate rest the night before. This seems so obvious. It is in fact but it is frequently a culprit when we don’t feel good at work. Want to feel better in the office. Get enough sleep at home.

  2. Take walks on your breaks…  To feel better at the desk, take active breaks from the desk. Do not spend all your breaks at the coffee pot. Even if you only have time to cruise around the parking lot. The stretching and stimulation will get your blood flowing and change your mental outlook.

  3. Put on smiles, when no one is looking. Literally, put a big ole grin on your face. I’m not talking about when you feel like it but when you don’t. Literally stretch your facial muscles and slap a huge beaming smile on your face. It;s strange but it will make you feel better. And if you get caught. So what, it will keep your work mates guessing.

  4. Stand up when talking on the telephone. This is huge. This is not original with me but it was revolutionary to me when I quit reading about it and started trying it. Try it. Your erect body posture will a- make you sound better to your customers, b- change the pace in your office environment, c- force you to think about what you are doing and d- improve the number of calories you burn in a day. Try it!

  5. Do Isometrics at your desk. Look up the word. You can pull one hand against the other, push your palms together, exert force against your table top, stretch and move your neck around, massage your hands. There are literally limitless exercises that you can do right at your own desk that will not take you away from your work but make you feel better doing it. (be careful with all exercise if you have a heart condition). 

  6. Be careful about the sugar.  Especially in your coffee. Everybody knows this, (I hope). But many are still its victims. Yes, loading up your coffee with sugar may give you energy but it will often result in an unpleasant crash of your energy resulting from hypoglycemia.

  7. Drink lots of water. I don’t mean sip it. Drink it. A lot of it. Regularly. Keeping your body hydrated will make you feel better through the day.

  8. Watch the heavy meals. Comfort foods are not comforting when they make you want to fall asleep at your desk. I am not preaching dietary restrictions here. Just don’t fill up, if you want to stay alert. Be reasonable and don’t fill up with a lot of greasy, heavy foods.

  9. Fun is fun. Keep a healthy, tasteful joke running with your colleagues. I’m not talking about being the office clown. Just loosen up and enjoy your colleagues. A little laughter in the office will make the day go better. Bring a joke to work sometimes or at least look for the good in those around you. You can not work in close proximity with others and be happy; unless you do your part to make the work environment pleasant.

  10. Utilize Diversion tools. What do I mean? Staples “That was easy” button is a great example. You press the button and it rewards you with encouragement to lighten up. I used to put rocks on my desk that I enjoyed picking up. I changed it up and put Chinese work out balls on my desk to twirl around in my fingers. Things that do not take away from productivity but increase activity and maximize your attention level are the kinds of tools you need for this.

  11. Wash your face…  Literally. The Bible teaches that when you fast, not to let others know you are doing this. And one of the ways it tells you to avoid others knowing is to wash your face. You wash your face and you feel better. You wash your face and you look better. You wash your face and your outlook changes. Don’t forget to use this as an energy bolstering tool at work.

  12. I have a friend who drives me crazy with Feng Shui. But I have discovered that he is right. There is a way to organize things that works and ways that don’t. Work on this.

  13. A like topic but not the same is ergonomics and synergistic techniques. Changing one little thing about your work environment can literally change your health, improve your circulation and avoid carpal tunnel. Read up on this. Get suggestions from friends. Re-arrange your office space to improve it from time to time.

  14. Arrange active social breaks weekly. Meet your mother, brother, sister, friend, minister etc. for lunch. Keep some variety in your schedule in your work week.

  15. Ruts are not schedules. If something does not feel right; it may not be.. Do not use this as an excuse to be a complainer. But if something doesn’t seem to work about your work. Change it if you can. Tell your employer that you are working on ways to increase your efficiency. When they understand you are trying to improve your work performance; employers will often work with you.

  16. Stand in meetings. I fought sugar (which is in remission, Thank God) & severe sleep apnea (which I just have to live with but still have improved). Yet I found out that meetings were killers to my mental alertness. When possible, I learned to stand in the back of the room at meetings. Most times, people will know you are trying to be more attentive and appreciate it.

  17. Change your chair. A crappy chair makes you feel crappy. Invest in your own posture and comfort. Work from a decent chair…

  18. Finally, give yourself some visual pleasures. Put pictures in your office if allowed (tastefully). Put a sculpture on your desk. Have something pleasant to look at, to lift your mood as you work.

When a car is not running good, you work on it until it does. Same with your office environment. Try these suggestions and see if they do not help you get more work out of your day and enjoyment out of your work. If you work on them, I guarantee you more energy in your office. 


Slam is available to help your group learn how to finish strong. Hire him as a speaker at: 336-688-7538.

Slam is available to help you learn how to have more fullfillment. Hire him as a speaker at: 336-688-7538.


The start of a new day holds the wonder of a new tide,
in its flow, new opportunities and dangers abide,
We can not control how the majestic flow will behave,
Only how we will surf and adapt to the strength of the wave.strong wave in the tide at the ocean

The new tide is regular and absolutely sure,
It’s new gifts of life, an answer and faithful soul cure,
Each day it deposits new gifts in the sand,
demonstrating the love of a great caretaker’s hand.

poetry_of_waves_1 ocean tide

Myriads of living things thrive in its wake,
Secure in the foamy crest, it rolls in for our sake.
What will it bring in its crescendo of power?
We only find out by letting it wash us, each hour.

ocean waves surf

So engage the day as a regal flowing friend,
Knowing its rushing waves carry life within.
Look forward to this day, as a joyous new tide.
That carries the the things around you, that you need inside.

Dolphins jumping in the ocean

Don’t just watch the waves, from an observer’s view,
Get in them sometimes and find what’s there for you.
Yes, the gift of the tide is like the gift of the day;
full of mysteries of life and a flowing bouquet.

new life in a tide pool ocean



Tim happy

Tim G. Carter – aka “Slam” 336-688-7538



      Part of the fascination, I have in addressing the workplace as a primary topic is a feeling that this task is synergistic with my mission of ministry. Since we spend a large portion of our lives working; one clear way I can benefit other’s is adding fulfillment to your professional life.

Happiness and attitude

If I can help you be happier in your career, then I have enriched your life. So this assignment is actually an extension of what I see as my ministry to help others. If I help you get more satisfaction out of your career, it helps me be on track with my own.

Being fulfilled in your work and being successful at doing it are hand in glove propositions. Being effective at one contributes to the other.

 Who will do their best job; if they do not gain satisfaction out of their work? No one!….  It’s like asking someone to climb Mount Everest when they don’t like the mountains. It’s not going to work. If you are a swimmer who is mountain climbing; that won’t work. If you are mountain climber who is swimming; that won’t work either. – – – Sometimes, what we are doing is not a fit for our skill-set or personality. If that’s the case, quit trying to put a square peg in a round hole and find something that better “fits” your talents, abilities and interests.”

winds of change - direction

However, most times it is not a job re-positioning, we need. If we don’t address the difficulties that hold us back and haunt us in our current situation. We are not likely to overcome them in a new situation.

     It’s a funny picture of the cow over-looking his own grassy meadow, trying to reach the single blade of grass on the other side of the fence. While it may be a funny picture; it is a sad reality, all too often. Some People never find fulfillment, because they are always looking for it somewhere else.  Fulfillment is most often found where we are at. And then grows into something more, somewhere else because we outgrow the situation, we mastered.

grass is greener

If we run from problems in our current station: We will most time find them in different faces and different places, only bigger than before.

Problems are opportunities in disguise

So how do you get more fulfillment at work? Here are 10 good tips

  1. If you decide you will be happy; you will be. Go to work with a good attitude

  2. Work on empowering beliefs. Work on the inner dialogue inside that nobody hears but you.

  3. Put a few things on your desk and your work area that make you smile.

  4. Change up your schedule with mood lifters. Schedule a lunch with a friend or a child. Bring a photo to a meeting that makes everybody laugh.

  5. Remember the power of purpose. Design as many of your workplace activities as possible.  a writer's inspiration

  6. Remember that boredom is never fun. Challenge yourself.

  7. Make it a point to be friendly. As a general rule; if you are friendly with people, they will be friendly with you.

  8. Make each day count by making the most of each moment.

  9. Think good thoughts about even those you do not like. This way, you will keep them from living rent free in your head.

  10. Do the next right thing always and believe that you are painting a masterpiece; when all you can see is the single stroke of the paintbrush.painting brush strokes

Always give more than you take. Do not worry about giving out. There is a providential plan in place that guarantees that givers will always have more to give. —- “Give, and you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full–pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back.” Jesus

karma give and it shall be given unto you

Your Guts Is The Key Host. Tim G. Carter a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538.

Your Guts Is The Key Host. Tim G. Carter a.k.a. “Slam”

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