The Love of Sales (2)

In sales; it is Passion

before Performance!

In preparation for this BEAM

I put the question out to

some top-notch sales


Why do you love selling?

     I received some interesting replies; One

of these was from @Dawn_Abraham

            I asked Why do u love to sell? I went on to explain that I have found the WHY=the passion for selling; a bedrock for sales success…. I asked for her expert opinion and she replied:  “I love it!! Without passion in sales it’s pretty much over before it begins.”

     Wow! She put into words exactly what I was thinking.  Your why must be high to sell more. Did you get that??? Your Why must be High!!!!!  If you want to sell more & appreciate the success you earn in selling; then the Stronger the why, the higher the appreciation.

     You don’t need to use much imagination, to realize that there are areas of life in which Passion must come before Performance or the performance doesn’t mean as much.

     So how do you get passionate about your sales? Let’s examine this together.

  • First, sales must become a way of life and not just a living. The money. The money. The money. That’s all some ever talk about in developing a winning sales attitude.  I know this is a powerful motivator and a powerful Why. So I am not minimizing it. I am just saying that there is a lot more, to developing a healthy sales attitude than just pre-counting dollar bills. —- I went through an act-of-God disaster some years ago that wiped out all of my previous sales successes. But they still meant something to me, even without the dollar bills. Because, while sales is about the money. It must be about more than that, if you are going to attain happiness, in building a sales career as your vocation. / Please don’t get me wrong… Money motivates sales initiative. It did then. It does today. But while you and I grow our financial gain; lets not forget to grow a healthy life, as well.

  • So why do you sell??  You need an original concept but this concept can grow with your career. Get real, get comfortable in your own skin. Let your career develop not as a required task but a mirrored image of who you are. Then you will attain fulfillment in every position, because you are investing your heart into what you do. Let your sales position, be an extension of you.  Let what you are doing reflect who you are and you will be happier in the task.

  • Techniques are great. Techniques can help you sharpen the axe. But techniques will not form the axe; they will not define the sales person.  I can teach you a ton of techniques but they aren’t likely to work, until you love to sell. Embrace what you do. Put your heart into the sales enterprise. Remember that each customer represents a life that you get to touch.

  • Passion about selling is Absolutely bedrock to sales success! You can’t win if you don’t want to be there. See the high value in what  you do. Understand that selling is a “Get to” not a “Got to.”  Treat your sales career like a ball game. Be enthusiastic about what you do. Your employers will appreciate it. You will benefit from it. And your customers will buy from you, if you do it!

  • Not every one naturally loves to sell but this understanding is usually fueled by misconceptions. What child is born loving  walking? It is only when a child learns the skill that they appreciate what the skill can do for them. SO, YOUR FIRST SALE IS TO YOURSELF. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT.  You may love sales more than you know. It may be if you are frustrated with sales; that it is like a child who does not yet know how to walk. It frustrates you, because you have not yet learned to do it. Learn the skill.  Make sure before you give up on the sales game; that you know what it is that you are giving up.

  • Maybe you don’t like selling because you don’t know how to sell or you have not really found your Why to sell.  These misconceptions can be fixed by correct concepts. Give yourself a chance. What could be some faulty beliefs that you have about your career and performance??

  • Its an old but critically true known fact that Everyone has to sell. You have to sell yourself to your classmates. You have to sell yourself to your parents, when you are young, to get the keys to the car. You have to sell yourself to your romantic partners. You have to sell yourself to potential employers. On and on the list could go but this is commonly known; so I will not belabor the point. Suffice it to say, that you must sell to live. Maybe you like selling more than you know. Maybe you just have not realized how much of a salesman you are!

  • Identify successful selling situations in your life.. What are these. Identifying these can give you a beginning passion for the benefits of selling.

  • Translate these selling situations of your life, into a useful foundation of your vocational selling environment. How can positive accomplishments of persuasion be used as ideas to help you sell in your present? Realizing that there can be a tie in can add much deeper appreciation, for your current situation now.

  • Selling needs to turn into a pursuit like the out doors, the gym or something you look forward to. If you really want to grow your sales career; look for the right environment to sell in. How can you like to sell -if you are always inside, when you like to be always outside and vice-versus. There are a zillion sales capacities. Find the one that fits you. You will find your passion grow in what you do.

  • Often it is not the selling endeavor that we do not like but the pressure from unrealistic superiors. Being asked to do things that seem counter-productive to the task at hand can take our fulfillment out of the effort. Many times, we have to accept these situations. But this acceptance can help us realize it is not the selling we do not like but the personal dynamics of the employment situation. How does this help? If you  are fishing for a living but do not like who you fish with. Concentrate on your love of fishing and not the colleague… Concentrate on the mastery of selling and accept with peace things you can not presently change, about your circumstance. This will improve everything about your selling career.

  • Remember the positive values of a selling career. Enhance and celebrate the good things that selling by its nature brings into your life:

    • The perpetual possibility of ongoing rewards

    • The joy of new accomplishments

    • The challenge of communicating with many people

    • The never stagnant, evolving marketplace

    • The thrill of the hunt

    • The necessity for ongoing improvement

    • The challenge of continual learning

    • The real good feeling of giving others something they want

    • The blessing of income

    • The fact that, You can never know it all that there will always be much growing to do on this path.

    • The truth that, There are lots of top-notch people to learn from.

    • The reality that, Self improvement must accompany this career path, if you are to be successful in it.

  • Remember to work on the foundation of why you do and then you will find that your Creative Juices about what you do will flow more freely.

  • Said by many. But I will say it again. Selling is like taking a bath. You have to do the care-taking regularly…. Daily even.

  • Even with all the years of selling and practicing that I have; I actively follow innovative sales thinkers.  You need to do this, not only because an employer requires it but because you are trying to mine the treasure of more fulfillment, from the pursuit of your sales vocation.

  • If you will follow these guidelines; even if you do not make a million dollars: you will feel like a million bucks. And by the way, if you get this part right; the chances of you making a million dollars or much more selling are pretty good!

    In conclusion, to get more out of your selling; get passionate about it!

    I had hoped to enter more posts about this topic this week but it looks like it will be next week. We will see. Stay tuned.

    Tim- (A GUY WITH GUTS)    / make sure to check out the rest of my BEAM!

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