Slam’s Sales Tips 401-500, Organize and Energize

      Dear Guts Is The Key Reader. You have come to expect that you can get solid sales helps here. Here is some sales ammo to put in your arsenal to strengthen your performance.

1- A sales career is more than a quick sale. You can con somebody once and call yourself a sales person. But to be truly skilled in the art of persuasion, you must practice ethics in the task. Bilking the customer into believing something untrue is not sales but being a liar behind a legal shroud. If you would be a true sales pro; you must learn present the truth persuasively; not package a lie cleverly.


2-  Great theories are good in the science lab but by themselves, they will make you no Money. If you do not ignite your ideas, with solid action, they produce nothing. It is great to have great ideas but make sure to put them into practice.

Vision with Action


 3- A work no longer in progress is in regress.  A good sales approach is always being refined. It is never finished. It is like a work of art on an ever changing canvas. To be the best, you must thrive on continuous improvement. Yesterday’s laurels must never be good enough, if you want to be excellent today.

Make Today Great logos larger painted

4- You must never forget your basic math. The genius of originality must always be added to the discipline of good habits. It is only when fresh approaches are added to solid training that the most desirable results are achieved.

originality and creativity


5- Having your materials together and showing your materials with positive energy are qualities that must travel side by side. If you can’t find it, you can’t use it. But if you can find everything but can’t present it with conviction and interest, you can’t convince anybody of your points.  Have the balance of organization and the thrust of enthusiasm as twin files, in your performance portfolio. Be organized and yet energized!

organize and yet energize


Let the following sales tips be the dynamite you need to succeed this week!

  1. #Sales -People like integrity-If u say the price is the price-then let it Be the price-Don’t use different pricing scales for ea. Customer!

  2. #Sales – A good sales attitude is like an ignition switch. You do not just put it in gear & roll it. You must definitely start with ignition

  3. #Sales – A good sales approach should always be like a planner or journal. You should always be working on it & have improvements in mind.

  4. #Sales Haphazard sales people eventually fail-Spontaneity is not a state of unpreparedness-Being prepared & being inspired must go together.

  5. #Sales – Organization & Enthusiasm are like twin blades of a good sword. U should have a good plan & flexible approach. It takes both to win.

  6. #Sales – Maybe your job is not the problem. Maybe the problem is how you are looking at it.

  7. #Sales – Most often the answers to better performance are not in a different workplace but in a different YOU.

  8.  -Find someone constructive 2 bounce ideas off-Don’t go 2 the pity party corner with workplace evaluation-Be Real

  9.  -Grass is not always greener but if you are a square peg-U wont fit in a round hole. Sometimes u have 2 change.

  10. – Don’t forget to learn from the opposite sex in the sales game. The best performer may not be of your own gender.

  11.  – At the beginning of the year, its a good idea to try some “fresh start” approaches. Review through the year!

  12. #Sales – It is not original but it is true. Nothing changes until you do. Read:

  13. #Sales – We must Change the oil. Not change the car. Change the way you do it. The way you look at it. Avoid Rut-Itis

  14. #Sales – Even good principles can sometimes be displaced by still better ones.

  15. #Sales – I tell my customers if a sale is not good for them that I will walk away from it. And this is true-I mean it!!

  16. #Sales – In this career path, each day can be a new adventure. Each days work can be the preparation for a better tomorrow.

  17. #Sales – More than any other profession causes you to have to continually maximize and sharpen communication skills.

  18. #Sales -Some things seem 2 market themselves & others require amazing persuasion-Understand the nature of ur market-yet B flexible to change

  19. Positive #Sales – insists there are virtues not available for the auction block, for sacrifice to the highest bidder.

  20. #Sales – Surprise! Word gets out! When people find out U REALLY want whats good for them-they trust u & send friends.

  21. #Sales -A consultant honestly advises a customer, with expert information that helps them make a good buying decision.

  22. #Sales – The true art of selling not only fattens the pocketbook but enriches the life.

  23. #Sales – How do you know you have beliefs that matter? Try practicing them at work…

  24. #Sales – What is the last new fact you learned about your own product or service? If it is not fresh to you, it wont be to your customer.

  25. #Sales –  Many of you find yourself in an office setting, day after day. This BEAM is for you..

  26. #Sales -If u are going 2 thrive n an office environment, u need creative, effective strategies 2 keep up ur energy flow

  27. #Sales -Anyone who stops learning is old-Anyone who keeps learning stays young-The greatest thing n life is 2 keep ur mind young- Henry Ford

  28. #Sales – suggestions to help you get more work out of your day and enjoyment out of your work, in the office.

  29. #Sales -Networking is a powerful component 2 keep ur edge n sales-The experience of another professional may give u just the insight u need.

  30. #Sales – “I sold newspapers as a boy, door to door. I sold the neighbors on letting me mow their yards.”

  31. #Sales #office Try these suggestions & see if they do not help u get more work out of ur day & enjoyment out of ur work

  32. #Sales – How can you succeed at it, if you don’t love doing it?

  33. #Sales – Yep. I have spent most of my career, selling. Besides this: I just love 2 sell. U can learn this mindset too!

  34. #Sales – RT @alex__au “The first requisite of success is the ability to apply your physical and mental energies to one problem…..”

  35. #Sales -I’ve sold on golf courses-in conference rooms-on boats-in classrooms- in living rooms-I’ve even sold n my sleep

  36. #Sales – Christian Ministry- The Only thing I’ve sold my way into, without the promise of ANY material reward.

  37. #Sales – One thing is for sure, I can figure out how to sell in just about every situation. #adaptabilityisimportant

  38. #Sales – Self improvement must accompany this career path, if you are to be successful in it.

  39. #Sales – There are a zillion sales capacities. Find the one that fits you.


  41. #Sales – You can’t win if you don’t want to be there. See the high value in what you do.

  42. #Sales – Remember that each customer represents a life that you get to touch.

  43. #Sales – Techniques alone will not form your unique style. They will not define you as a positive sales person.

  44. #Sales – Let your career develop not as a required task but a mirrored image of who you are.

  45. #Sales – There is a lot more, to developing a healthy sales attitude than just pre-counting dollar bills.

  46. #Sales RT @jenlongmore Take time each day to visualize your goals. #purpose

  47. #Sales – How can U B more inventive & original in Ur sales process? That’s a Good question to ask yourself, every day!

  48. #Sales -Creativity & colorfulness can set you apart from the other guy or gal. Especially, when well-aimed & relevant.

  49. #Sales – A good sales Pro will Discover & develop new sales avenues to increase his companies profits.

  50. #Sales – A good sales Pro will find never before imagined applications & markets for his companies product.

  51. #Sales – “I literally pulled the ping-pong ball out of my pocket and rolled it on the table as we talked.”

  52. #Sales – A top flight sales pro will find ways to stand out, when they interview.

  53. #Sales -Know U R ready, when the day arrives-Comprehensive preparation should be accomplished prior to the actual sale.

  54. #Sales – the biggest selling job with some companies initially is to get on board.

  55. #Sales – each step of progress is in itself a selling situation.

  56. Continuing with #Sales review of content of

  57. #Sales – Take time each day to visualize your goals. #purpose /

  58. #Sales – Want to fire up a good sales person. Tell them they can’t do it!

  59. #Sales – A good salesperson is motivated with the prospect of the next sale, just like a dangling apple motivates a horse.

  60. #Sales – If you have a great selling attitude, you experience your own internal “Atta-Boy” every time you make a sale.

  61. #Sales – If you are into selling. You feel like you sunk a hole in one, every time you make a sale.

  62. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People will come to trust you and respect what you tell them, if you work right.

  63. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It is useful in many settings and situations.

  64. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. The function of your work clearly shows to others that you have a Maker.

  65. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People like to be seen with nice ones.

  66. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People will pay a lot for it, if it is extremely well designed.

  67. #Sales -is like a wind up watch. They may all look different but they accomplish reliable results if they work right.

  68. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. People like for it to look nice but nobody likes to look at it, if its not working.

  69. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. If somethings not right, you need to fix it, to be able to use it.

  70. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It works best when its not to fast or too slow.

  71. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. If it is working you can count on it.

  72. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It works great as long as you remember to wind it. #itworksifudo

  73. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. There is an obvious design to what you do.

  74. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It works great as long as you remember to wind it. #it worksifudo

  75. #Sales – is like a wind up watch. It ticks with regularity if it is working properly.. 

  76. Sales – Pray about your selling capacity. Laugh if you want to. But if you try it for 30 days, u will find it works.

  77. #Sales – Make it a personal goal each day 2 tell the truth about all things & then u will not have 2 try 2 remember what u told a customer.

  78. #Sales – Become congruent with what you intend to create.

  79. #Sales -Stick ur finger in a light socket & if u survive u will remember not to do it again-Bad language in public is that way. #ItcanhurtU

  80. #Sales – A correct attitude of respect and sincere appreciation for all kinds of people will win you friends and customers. #Don’tBeAPutOn

  81. #Sales – Every sale is important because it represents a transaction with another human being and all human beings are important.

  82. #Sales – Use off times to a) develop effective game plans to handle the influx of business when it comes in & b) reach out to bring it in.

  83. #Sales -Have performance standards-so you do not have to think through every detail of the sales process in the heat of battle. #goodhabits

  84. #Sales – The best motto in a changing work load is “Rigid Flexibility.”

  85. #Sales – Personal efficiency adds great quantities of fuel to sales capacity.

  86. #Sales – When the load is overwhelming; have brief moments of prioritizing, focus on the next most important thing & do it well. Then repeat

  87. #Sales – When the heat is on, pretend your an ice cycle; Be cool under pressure.

  88. #Sales – A sales person is the best frontline PR statement for a company (or the worst).

  89. #Sales -Stuck n a rut? Interview one successful n the area u struggle-Learn & implement-Don’t miss the forest for the trees. #ThinkOutofBox

  90. #Sales – To consistently improve in sales, have growth partners that challenge you.

  91. Need a powerful lift to get your day started constructively positive in the mornin? Read: … with your morning coffee.

  92. I have found life to be a moldable jigsaw puzzle. U always have 2 adapt and adjust to grow!

  93. #Sales – R.U.T. Requires Unusual Training; Responds UltraWell to Tenacity; Releases Under TeamWork; Rally Until Triumph.You can get stuck analyzing choices and not DO anything. Do not be lured into this trap.

  94. Get your eyes off the stack and attack the next issue // I think I will write a book on this.

  95. I have found that in moments of perplexity; simplicity is still the answer.

  96. #Sales – Get up & move around frequently. Moving the body stimulates the mind.

  97. #Sales -Believe so deeply in God’s providence and your own value that difficulties are just like water bouncing off a duck. #TheyCanNotStopU

  98. ‎#Sales -U shout Fire N The hole when enough explosives r place N a confined space-Prepare ur mind & skills-The explosion is imminent!

  99. #Sales – Is a career dimension where your possibilities can match your highest imagination. Dream Big & Stretch High!

  100. #Sales – I think I can. I think I can. That is the proper sales attitude.

    Tim G. Carter - a.k.a. "Slam" 336-688-7538
    Tim G. Carter – a.k.a. “Slam”       336-688-7538

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