Slam’s Sale’s Tips – 101-200 – The heart of selling!

     Dear Guts is The Key Reader. I will introduce these tips with some helpful hints on applying the first five.

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     Tip 1 – Fix you and selling will work better.  You can not climb a mountain, without a vision for the top. Even so, selling can not occur in any threshold of proficiency and accomplishment; without a dimension of a positive outlook. If you practice what Zig Ziglar called “stinking thinking;” you can not expect to have high achievement in selling.

Healthy Balance

     Tip 2 – It’s not about you. It’s about them. – Selfishness and hedonism may seem like they benefit you in the short run in the selling endeavor. But in the long run, they do not. Over and over again, sales pro’s fail and fall because they do not develop and keen interest in the well-being of their customer. The sales rep. who only thinks about himself becomes transparent in his self-serving motives. And this transparent shallowness can ruin the effectiveness of his or her selling. Think about your customer and a strange but true thing will happen in your sales career; it will benefit you.

customer care

    Tip 3 & 4- See what is going on around you. Be, where you are.  – We can not possibly respond to what we do not recognize. Sales people are so tempted to jump into their pitch; that they never discover what is important to their customer. Practice active observation and active listening. If you will get truly interested in your customer. You may find that they get truly interested in buying from you.

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     Tip 5 – Half-heartedness does not work in sales. – Are you giving your best to your position and performance? Are you? Motivation is like bathing. It must take place often. We can not live in the sales dimension off of yesterday’s laurels. We must produce today. Get your heart into the game. When it matters to you, it is more likely to matter to your customer.

Give it your Best shot

Take these tips and let them be your jet fuel this month, to cause you to climb to new heights of sales success.

  1. #Sales -Inlook determines Outlook-U can not have a crappy attitude & sell effectively-Fix U & selling will work better!

  2. #Sales – Its not about u! It’s about them. They r the customer & they can sense whether u care about them or not!

  3. #Sales – See, hear & feel all that is going on around you. How can u understand ur customer if u don’t pay attention?

  4. #Sales – Be where u are.. Be in the moment! It is the right way 2 live & u will miss ur customer’s signals if u don’t.

  5. #Sales -Does not work with 1/2 heartedness-It takes focus-determination-enthusiasm & dedication-Put ur heart n the game

  6. Individuality is great. Selfishness is not. A heart committed to God & others separates the two.

  7. Enlightened faith is based on empowering belief in a Real God.

  8. Often we can not hear God because we are not tuned into His channel.

  9. When you put the plug in the receptacle, the power begins to flow into the light. When we plug into Jesus our human hearts are like that.

  10. Inspiration is the result of positive belief and real insight.

  11. God gives dreams to open hearts. He is the dream planter.

  12. If you know your Why, your what will follow.

  13. #Sales – Having a good day selling can make you feel better and have a more empowered attitude about everything else.

  14. #Sales – Selling is like karate. You have 2 leave ur problems at the door & focus on what u r doing to perform well.

  15. #Sales – In the morning, look in the mirror and put a smile on ur face. It will make u feel better & sell more.

  16. #Sales – Compare notes with a colleague to improve your own selling skills.

  17. #Sales – To improve in selling, you must dare to question your own process & try something different.

  18. #Sales – To attain the maximum yield; u must plant the best seeds. Are you making yourself available for good training?

  19. Why do I long for people to know God? Because I have experienced firsthand the joy that He can put in your heart!

  20. #Sales – Its like chopping with and axe; its no good if its dull. You must occasionally sharpen the axe:

  21. #Sales – Want to sell better. Watch other successful sales people. Emulate them. You r not the only fish in the sea.

  22. #Sales – Why did you lose the last sale you didn’t close. You can only improve, if you recognize your weaknesses. ///

  23. #Sales -Why does letting ur faith shine improve ur sales? Cause ur attitude is better-u r more like-able & God blesses.

  24. #Sales -Think on ur feet-A lot of customers “get away” because right approach not used while we are with them.

  25. #Sales – Always get contact information. It is un-forgiveable to miss a sale, because u did not write down a phone #.

  26. #Sales – Never forget. The best way to end any meeting; is to agree on the next steps or the next meeting.

  27. #Sales – When an artist paints, every stroke is designed to be as expressive & creative as the artist-Good salesmanship is exactly like that

  28. #Sales – A good artist tries to put their heart on the canvas. A good salesman does the same in the sales presentation.

  29. #Sales – An actor practices his role many times 2 make sure what is being communicated 2 the audience. A sales person’s audience is his customer

  30. God’s chosen place of meeting with His children today is inside them! Have you met with your Creator, in your sanctuary today?

  31. #Sales; Sell like there’s not tomorrow… THE DAY in selling is always TODAY!

  32. #Sales; Sell your butt off! (like that will hurt us!) lol

  33. #Sales; Whenever you run a race; you try win the race. Same way with a good sales attitude.

  34. Had a loyal friend share lessons she lives by with me, in a letter. They are powerful. Here they are:

  35. #Sales should not be like a box of chocolates. The Customer should always know what he’s going to get. #gumpism

  36. #sales – Look in the mirror. Would you like to look at the expression on your face? Would your customer?

  37. #sales – You know how it always brightens the room when some people enter. A good sales person ought to master that!

  38. #Sales – Neatest thing @ selling for me is that if u do it right; it is synergistic with serving God & loving people.

  39. #Sales – When you really want what is best for your customer; they can tell it and will buy from you. Be genuine.

  40. #Sales – Take pride in what you do-Sales is the one career that if done properly can make you better at everything else

  41. Jesus = The Center of History; The Center of Literature; The Center of Time; The Center of Spiritual Truth; The Center of my life #PraiseHim

  42. People say; “Sell your heart out” but I have found it works better if you “Sell your heart in” your sale. Selling should make u stronger.

  43. People say; “Sell your heart out” but I have found it works better if you “Sell your heart in” your sale. Selling should customer happier.

  44. Customers buy more from people they believe are their friends. Become a pro at befriending people & increase Ur #sales

  45. Selling is all about people. Improve your people skills. Improve your #selling.

  46. It is unlikely that you will be a pro at persuading others; until you are an expert at respecting others.. #sales

  47. Customers buy more from people they believe are their friends. Become a pro at befriending people & increase Ur #sales.

  48. Do not be wise in your own eyes. Fear the LORD and depart from evil. It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones. Prov 3:7-8

  49. People say; “Sell your heart out” but I have found it works better if you “Sell your heart in” your sale. Selling should strengthen bonds.

  50. When u get frustrated today; why not look up, then bow ur head for a simple pause and prayer. You may be amazed how much better ur day goes!

  51. You can be the greatest salesman in the world but if you do not follow up with your promises to the customer; you will not succeed.

  52. What will help you in your sales career? Yes, that is a hot topic for me..

  53. My BEAMS are organized with tags & categories.. The #sales part of is growing..

  54. Not only how I can help you sell more but get more satisfaction out of your selling is a high interest topic for me.

  55. I like to help people. I am interested in helping you with #sales area of expertise.

  56. My BEAMS are organized with tags & categories.. The #sales part of as a group are attached in this link

  57. How I can help get more satisfaction out of your selling is a high interest topic for me. ;

  58. A good neighbor is a good friend. A good friend is a good neighbor.

  59. sales advice

  60. #Sales – Not just helping you sell but helping you get more enjoyment out of your selling

  61. God is good. He cares about you. Simple but trustworthy encouraging news.

  62. #Sales – Beautiful thing about what I want to do with the rest of my life is that I get to encourage you, by doing it.

  63. #Sales – When you are secure within yourself; you can listen to others without always having to state your own opinion.

  64. #Sales – I respect you no matter what your beliefs. But my power comes from the Lord. Do you need a hand with your life and your career?

  65. #Sales – It is neat how you can convey power and energy in words. As I write this, I know you can feel it.

  66. #Sales – How can I convince you, if I am not convinced? The first person a salesman must sell is himself.

  67. #Sales – Life deserves your “A” game. Show up every day!

  68. #Sales – Would you rather buy from a dead fish or an animated winner?

  69. #Sales – When a rep is full of life and enthusiasm, people are much more likely to buy from him.

  70. #Sales – My friends think I’ve got energy. “You ain’t seen nothin Yet” Bachmann Turner Overdrive

  71. #Sales – Does the customer have good, accurate, complete information? Does he understand it? Questions answered? If Yes, U R ready to AFTB.

  72. #Sales – Of course I’m going to ask you to buy. I want to give you that opportunity. Just make sure you have earned the right to ask first!

  73. #Sales – Get comfortable asking for the really big sale. Don’t let fear stop you from the gold ring.

  74. #Sales – You can earn money only & be miserable selling… or You can bless people, while earning money & be fulfilled selling. Your choice.

  75. #Sales – Recommend a children’s book as mandatory reading!!! “The little Engine that could.”

  76. #Sales – The results are IN YOU, before they ever become visible on a P&L.

  77. #Sales – Think Great AND Act Great! You will knock it out of the park in sales achievement.

  78. #Sales – Act Great! Sell much!

  79. #Sales – Think Great! Sell much!

  80. #Sales – Approach is everything. You can not start with a poor attitude and win your client to your product or service.

  81. #Sales – Got problems at home-Good-Ur human-Leave them at the door-It will help your selling & surprisingly give u a better attitude overall

  82. #Sales – Try something different in your selling approach today. There is power in new discovery.

  83. #Sales – Spontaneity is not only the spice of life it is the rocket fuel of creative selling.

  84. #Sales -Laugh it off-Somebody gets under ur skin-Take it with a spoonful of honey-Make it a matter of humor-instead of anger- & U sell more.

  85. #Sales – You really want to improve??? Dare to let a colleague loose in your office to make suggestions. Need #toughskin for this one.

  86. #Sales – You can’t sell if you feel like Hell. Lay off the sauce the night before and you may find that your performance improves.

  87. #Sales – Make your presentation so market relative that every thing your competitor tells them, just makes them want to come back to you!.

  88. #Sales -If their lips r movin-they’re lyin-Sounds harsh but don’t base ur sales forecast on what people say-Follow up till there’s no doubt!.

  89. #Sales – Protective selling makes sure ur customer knows ur advantages, before he makes the next stop = your competitor

  90. #Sales – has a whole category dedicated to sales related topics; currently 21 articles & growing.

  91. #Sales – Plan for each meeting with a customer. Have a written script. It will keep you on tract & show the customer you value their time.

  92. #Sales – Practice a T.O., with a trusted partner, if you work in a sales team. Often a colleaugue will see something you do not.

  93. #Sales – Often u will sell the most just by being the one who is there when the customer is there. Fit ur schedule to theirs.

  94. #Sales – The driver wants what he wants and he wants it right now! Give it to him with the competence he deserves and present him a contract

  95. #Sales – If u r an expert communicator, you will sell more. Where r they from? Do they have fam? How old r their kids? What is fav pastime?

  96. #Sales – People will tell u they r going to buy from u & go straight across the street. Seal the deal, while you have them there.

  97. #Sales – SOMETIMES you can shock a customer into buying by just being a friend and a good guy. They don’t expect this.

  98. #Sales – A good salesman will direct the course of the meetin- BUT respectfully & politely, including the issues & concerns of the prospect.

  99. #Sales – Its good to go in a meeting with a stated purpose but part of that purpose should be to include the purpose of your client.

  100. #Sales – A big mouth can lose a sale. Your customer came to you because of their own needs. Don’t shove ur agenda down their throat.

Tim Carter - Speaker & Sales Consultant

Tim Carter – Speaker & Sales Consultant

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