Slow Grow is not no Grow!

Americans are always in a hurry for everything. When I taught sales. People always wanted to know how much they would make, before they developed the technique to make it. In my karate teaching, people always want to know how fast they can get their belts; instead of how thoroughly I will teach them the art. It is a shortsighted weakness of our culture.

Yet, I know:

There are certainly times in your life that you must seize opportunities or miss them. Times when you must “grow up fast,” to stay relevant and competitive. Yet, in this world of “I want it now.” The value of “THE SLOW GROW” is often overlooked. And as a matter of fact, it is overlooked when it should be the matter of great focus and attention. What do I mean? Why should you be concerned to make sure you are not overlooking the importance of growing slowly? Lets look at the WHY together.


relates to sales, life, relationships…

No one wants to be forced into anything. People will not buy from “pushy” salesmen. And if they do, they will tell their friends to stay away from him / her.

Life does not best respond to pressure tactics. Such tactics wear you out and alienate you from those that you need as allies, instead of adversaries.

People feel insecure in relationships, where a partner is trying to push or manipulate them to do things or live a certain way that they are uncomfortable with.


tree grows slow but can not be pulled up if it has strong roots

…………………….Do all your growing up top, where people can see it and you become “top heavy” and sooner or later topple down. For every bit of growing you do on the surface; there needs to be an equal or greater amount of deep growth that supports the structure of your upward growth. We must have strong roots to prosper long term in sales, life & relationships.

slow grow is not no grow

Just because others can not see your growth does not mean you are not growing. Just because you can not measure immediate results does not mean you are not growing. [I am not recommending a lack of initiative here.] Still, the point is that really solid growth usually happens in stages. Some stages of growth are evident to see and some are formative stages that are REAL but not clearly observable.

many businesses grow themselves out of business.

Unfortunately, this is experience talking. I owned a company in the 90’s and grew myself right out of business. I was under-capitalized to sustain the growth. I learned from this. Incremental growth is sustainable growth. I would rather have slower, steadier growth that I can keep; than explosive growth that goes away, because it burnt its fuel. Wouldn’t you?

you can get ahead of yourself

As mentioned above; I teach karate. Nearly everyone wants to walk, before they crawl. They want belts before the training substantiates them. They want techniques, before they have the foundation to support them. It is very difficult to get people to measure their progress by truer evaluation tools, than outside appearance. You really must master basics, before you can practice excellence. This is true in sales, life and relationships also. You can get ahead of yourself, if you don’t work on attaining sustainable growth, instead of just binge and spurt growth.

slow grow makes sure you have capacity inside to enjoy what you earn outside

How many times do grandchildren squander the life savings of previous generations, because they do not appreciate the effort that it took to earn it? Too often!

How many times do celebrities get thrust into positions of acclaim, only to wind up at the bottom of a bottle of booze or pills, because they do not have the inner serenity to enjoy their outer prosperity? Too often!

Growing slow is for me a Warren Buffet phenomenon. He enjoys what he has, because he truly appreciates life; not just acquisitions. We need solid growth on the inside, if we are to enjoy outside growth.

slow grow solidifies the growth

Slow grow gives you time to see through the phonies & smokescreens. Slow grow makes sure you are not falling for a gimmick. Slow grow makes sure that the growth is real, not just a blip or aberration.

slow grow keeps the gain

Slow growth not only earns the money but puts it in the bank. Ouch that hurts. Getting it is no more important, than keeping the gain once you have earned it. A steady deliberate planned growth avoids the pitfall of sensationalism and hype. Slow growth not only EARNS forward measure but TURNS the advantage, into long-term benefit.

slow grow maximizes humility and maximizes arrogance

Many have attained a measure of success but in the process alienated themselves from their friends and their families. This is not growth. This is forgetting what good life is all about. Learning to plan your growth allows you time to include the people you love. Nobody loves a hotshot but his mirror. The accolades of others quickly disappear when another hotshot comes along. I need God to grow. I need family and friends to grow. I need others to grow. So do you.

slow grow; Remember the turtle who won the race

Slow growth may take longer but its results are surer. It may take a little longer to get there. But the outcome is more certain. Learning to keep your eye on your own target will help you win the race and when you get there, truly enjoy the results. The rabbit forgot what he was doing. His speed did not benefit him, because of a lack of focus and consistency. The turtle kept his eye on where he was going and did not stop until he got there. Slow growth is like that.

slow grow is not as easy fooled by mushroomitis. A lot of multiplying but no life inside.

Mushrooms are really strange. They multiply a lot and unbelievably fast. But there is no photo-synthetic life in them. Growth for the sake of growth is like that. It just turns you into a mushroom. Why are you growing? A solid sure place in a garden of life is to be preferred to rapid multiplication in a dark, dank musty place. Are you growing for the right reasons. Slow growth gives you time to ask this question.

slow grow forces value and nutrients in the process.

………..I love to plant things. Yet, if I get in a hurry, the plant will suffer. It may not be apparent right away but down the road the plant will not flourish, if I do not give it what it needs to grow. — We are like that. We are better to figure up front what will be required for us to sustain the process. Than be in a hurry to grow and grow out of the nutrients we need to thrive and flourish.

slow grow leaves a legacy; something truly built that will last and bless others.

Time takes time. There is no way around it. Ignore the time that it takes to do something right and you will pay the consequences. Shortcuts are often the wrong cuts. Only take shortcuts when they help more than they hinder. Everybody wants to explode into success. Remember: Fires burn out. Fields come back.

If you are achieving rapid growth; awesome! Take the time to make sure you can sustain it.

If you are doing the right things and growth is taking while. Remember, SLOW GROW IS NOT NO GROW!

But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. Psalms 92:12

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