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John Woodard Carter Sr. – My Hero

I’ve written several articles about my Father, John Woodard Carter Sr. Still, here I am writing another. And it’s odd, dad hasn’t been here since 1998 and I probably learn as much from him today, as I did while he … Continue reading

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A Healthy Outlook on Life

      My sister passed nine years ago but invaluable lessons she taught me never will. The power of Acceptance and healthy outlook of looking at life as a Patch-Work Quilt are two of these lessons. These principles have … Continue reading

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GUTS and Heather Von St. James

     Dear GutsIsKey Reader; If you have followed my BEAMS for very long, you know I am all about GUTS. Modeling Courage myself, teaching others about courage and honoring and highlighting people that demonstrate great examples of courage in … Continue reading

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G.U.T.S. (9) Get Used To Stuff – Acceptance

G.U.T.S. (9) Get Used To Stuff – Problems are normal.   Some situations we have to deal with. They are not going away. Best way to cope with them is to accept them and go on.      Acceptance! Think about … Continue reading

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SIS Acrostic

     I think about my deceased sister Detra nearly, every day. I lost her to cancer in 2005.  She was my best friend we shared, laughed, dreamed, cried and worshipped together.  Anyway this has very little to do with her really, … Continue reading

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