Look In the Mirror – Slam’s Sales Tips 1200-1300

     Look in the mirror to sell better. This is so obvious, you say. Don’t be so quick.


     Of course the obvious parts of what I mean here deserve re-emphasis themselves. Make sure your dress is appropriate, your hygiene complete and your smile in-place. These are the obvious mirror checks that a sales pro needs to do every day.

the image in the mirror

     But then there are the not so obvious aspects of why a mirror check can lead to better selling. … What are the intangibles that you see in the mirror? What are the issues floating in those eyes that you see every time you look at yourself? Are you happy with the person you have become? Are you fully alive inside?

      How can you produce effectively in a professional selling environment if there are haunting specters that you see when you look in the mirror? Yes, it may be true that no one else can see them. But you can. And performance is an inside out issue. It is hard to perform at maximum thresh-holds of potential; if we feel bad inside.

image in the mirrorDon't like image

     This is the mirror check that I am talking about. Work on the real issues of coming to honest terms with God, yourself and those close to you. Work daily on your character defects and on becoming a better person. You will most certainly discover that when you feel best about yourself; you can expect more from yourself.

     If you can do your daily mirror check and like not only the exterior appearance that all can see but the images inside your eyes that only you can see; then a glowing performance is not far away. When you feel better about yourself; you can rightly expect better from yourself. — Look in the mirror and with God’s help daily improve the image that you see.

How you see yourself

     Sales is an extension of yourself. Never forget that your customer most often buys you, before your product. With this mindset in place; to work on a better you, attack your work with confidence and zeal today and use these tips to sell a bunch!!!!

  1. #Sales – R.U.T. Requires Unusual Training; Responds UltraWell to Tenacity; Releases Under TeamWork; Rally Until Triumph.

  2. You can get stuck analyzing choices and not DO anything. Do not be lured into this trap. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/07/30/do-the-next-right-thing/

  3. Get your eyes off the stack and attack the next issue // I think I will write a book on this. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/07/30/do-the-next-right-thing/

  4. I have found that in moments of perplexity; simplicity is still the answer. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/07/30/do-the-next-right-thing/

  5. #Sales – Get up & move around frequently. Moving the body stimulates the mind.

  6. #Sales -Believe so deeply in God’s providence and your own value that difficulties are just like water bouncing off a duck. #TheyCanNotStopU

  7. ‎#Sales -U shout Fire N The hole when enough explosives r place N a confined space-Prepare ur mind & skills-The explosion is imminent!

  8. #Sales – Is a career dimension where your possibilities can match your highest imagination. Dream Big & Stretch High! https://gutsisthekey.com/

  9. #Sales –Last sales job-They asked; Why does the old guy [me] finish first? My Fighter’s heart doesn’t shrink with age –

  10. Today’s Focus: Do one thing at a time. Do it well. Go on quickly to the next thing. Repeat. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  11. Suggestion-Dangle a carrot-Do a training incentive for a period of time & reward personal lead generation #GetsThemStarted

  12. Run from problems and you will only find them again, in different places and with different faces. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  13. A man or woman who can be true to themselves & turn their decisions into actions is an effective and powerful person. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  14. The most wonderful place to find a hero is in your own courageous heart.

  15. When you face your fear with intelligent faith; you can not lose; no matter what the score card says.

  16. #Sales – Approach is everything. Start with a poor attitude and end with an empty pocket book. https://gutsisthekey.com/

  17. #Sales – Utilize your team members. Often a colleaugue will see something you do not.

  18. #Sales – Help the customer get what they want and you will get what you want.

  19. #Sales – The market place will change for sure. You must surely change also, to stay relevant and grow in this career path. #BeCuttingEdge

  20. #Sales – Closing Skills = The ability to gain trust & establish commitment from prospects 2 buy ur service or product. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  21. #Sales – Excellence = Providing what you promise to the customer in a fashion above expectation and necessity. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  22. #Sales – Reputation = The gained respect of the buying community gained by providing real value. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  23. #Sales – Presentation = Relevant and Interesting Communication of what it is that u can do for your customer. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  24. #Sales – Follow Through = Caring enough about your customer & your business to make sure that u provide the service u promised.

  25. #Sales – Power = Being so comfortable in the process of what you market that it is obvious that u r an expert. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  26. #Sales – Motivation = The Desire and Capacity to turn intentions into reality. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  27. #Sales – Persuasion = The ability 2 interest & convince others @ the solvency of our product our service- Top Sales Pros excel at persuasion

  28. #Sales – ntroduction = The interpersonal skill to make strong relationships from the start-A good sales pro masters the art of introduction

  29. #Sales – Initiation = The ability to make things happen, without outside intervention. Strong sales pros initiate projects.

  30. #Sales – Positive x Positive = Unlimited https://gutsisthekey.com/

  31. #Sales -Try not 2 do too many things at once-Know what u want-the number 1 thing today & tomorrow-Persevere & get it done. George Allen Sr.

  32. #Sales -Starting the race with enthusiasm can put you ahead of the pack for the week! Here are tips to get you going! https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/27/monday-sales-fire-slams-tips-600-700/ … …

  33. When the world says, Give up, Hope whispers, Try it one more time.

  34. #Sales Tips you can use right now! Try them. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/27/monday-sales-fire-slams-tips-600-700/ … 

  35. #Sales – To be a consistent top performer, you need powerful starts. #Get Going! 12/08/27/monday-sales-fire-slams-tips-600-700/ …

  36. #Sales – When you are on fire, you are hard to stop. … Get fired up! https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/27/monday-sales-fire-slams-tips-600-700/

  37. #Sales – Don’t wait till later. Do it now. Here are tips how to get it done! https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/27/monday-sales-fire-slams-tips-600-700/ … 

  38. #Sales tips to fuel you to push to new levels of sales performance and growth this week. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/27/monday-sales-fire-slams-tips-600-700/ … …

  39. #Sales – Become and expert at Building value to your customers, in a creative way & they will buy from you. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/30/the-11000-rock/

  40. #Sales-One of the greatest robbers of work efficiency known. #Alcohol&SubstanceAbuseRobsProductivity

  41. #Sales – Critical Question: How can you build belief and value in yourself? https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/30/the-11000-rock/

  42. A real understanding of value is made complete; ONLY when you are willing to share it with others. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/30/the-11000-rock/

  43. #Sales – You must learn 2 build value in yourself & in your product or service and in your customer to grow ur talent. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/30/the-11000-rock/

  44. Perceived value is very real & the most successful #sales professionals R those who can create value perceptions. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/08/30/the-11000-rock/

  45. #Sales – We all need power boosts from time to time to cause us to reach for our best. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/09/04/productivity-power-slams-sales-tips-700-800/

  46. #Sales – Tips To kindle your determination to work hard. To empower your intelligence to cause you to work smart. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/09/04/productivity-power-slams-sales-tips-700-800/

  47. #Sales – @stevegutzler continually fires me up with motivation and inspiration. He will you too!

  48. #sales tips to Fire you up! https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/09/04/productivity-power-slams-sales-tips-700-800/

  49. #Sales – Put your heart into it. Don’t hold anything back. Be passionate and be devoted. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/09/04/productivity-power-slams-sales-tips-700-800/

  50. Everywhere I go, people say “Don’t work to hard.” good advice in my father’s generation but rarely needed today. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/09/04/productivity-power-slams-sales-tips-700-800/

  51. #Sales – If you feel better, you will sell more. Here are tips about how to feel better in your work-place. https://gutsisthekey.com/2012/09/06/10-keys-to-work-satisfaction/

  52. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; do your best and pray that its blessed. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  53. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; what haven’t you tried? Consider that. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  54. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; pray about it. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  55. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; try a test action & study the results.. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  56. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; consider what you have previously dismissed. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  57. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; put it away & look at it fresh tomorrow. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  58. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; have someone else look at it. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  59. #Sales – If no matter how you look at it you can not find a solution; turn it upside down. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  60. @SteveGutzler “Integrity means living it myself before leading others. #leadership”

  61. #Sales – should like a good book with a happy ending. Each chapter can be enjoyable and lead toward a great conclusion. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  62. #Sales – Is like an etch a sketch; you can always shake it up to start over. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  63. #Sales – is like a mold-able jig saw puzzle. If you don’t like how ur career is shaping up; you can reform it. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  64. #Sell -Don’t forget File 13-Throw away yesterday’s trash-Don’t get bogged down 2day-N what u should have done yesterday https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  65. #Sell – RT @SteveGutzler Today I will maintain a positive upbeat spirit. #leadership

  66. #Sell – RT @SteveGutzler Show me a great leader~I’ll show you some great habits. #leadership #habits

  67. #Sell – RT @SteveGutzler Dare yourself to be disciplined and blow away excuses today! #leadership

  68. #Sell – @SteveGutzler a reliable source of information-motivation & mobilization- helps u learn-believe & grow in ur professional dimension.

  69. #Sell – Throw away yesterday’s trash – Don’t get bogged down 2day – in what u should have done yesterday. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  70. #Sell -Don’t forget File 13. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  71. #Sell – Surprise yourself. Shoot higher, aim for a new goal. Best way to miss achievement is not to aim for it. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  72. #Sell – Best way to miss achievement is not to aim for it. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  73. #Sell – Surprise yourself. Shoot higher, aim for a new goal. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  74. #Sales -Words are powerful-Choose them carefully. They will likely be the seeds of a new tomorrow or the barrier to it. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  75. #Sales – Words are powerful. They can be life mending or soul wrenching. Think about the impact of what you say. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  76. #Sales – Every day, you need to improve your word artistry. Regularly consult a dictionary and a thesaurus. https://gutsisthekey.com/ ;

  77. #Sales – You are on stage every single day of your life. Never underestimate your influence. https://gutsisthekey.com/category/work-related/sales-sales-training/

  78. #Sales – The successful sales pro must by nature be an incurable optimist, to have the belief to continue success regardless of situation.

  79. #Sales – If you are new to the sales game, the beautiful thing about it is that raw enthusiasm is an advantage.

  80. #Sales – Intensity plus reliability equals a reputation of professional Credibility.

  81. #Sales – if you practice on the highest levels of your ability: you will perform at the highest levels of your potential

  82. #Sales – Its amazing how powerful courage shows up, if you refuse to quit.

  83. #Sales – Faith is an inside out proposition. You must have it on the inside for it to be real on the outside.

  84. #Sales – Go after the thing that you want with strength and courage; you will at least be rewarded with confidence.

  85. #Sales – if you want results bad enough to fight for them, you will never have to wonder what if?

  86. #Sales – if you infuse your work with dedication and zeal, you will reap the fruit of faithfulness and honor.

  87. #Sales – Positive ingredients produce dynamic results.

  88. #Sales – Funny thing, if you put more energy in to your sales you will get more productivity and happiness out of it.

  89. #Sales – Don’t forget that great sales pro’s are like a pocket knife; they are better when sharpened regularly.

  90. #Sales – Find ways to stand out from the crowd. Sign your work. Develop positive personal features that distinguish your performance.

  91. #Sales – Use e-mail. Don’t let e-mail use you.

  92. #Sales – Don’t get so busy with STUFF, that you forget to set appointments to get new business.

  93. #Sales – Take off your sales skin every once in a while and just talk to your customers. #DitchThePitch

  94. #Sales – Work your referrals at every part of the sales process. Calls, interviews, follow ups, closings & service calls. #Don’tMissAnOpportunity.

  95. #Sales – Did your prospect learn something from you that they did not already know? #BeAGreatInformationSource

  96. #Sales – You can not win the poll & be droll. Keep it light & uplifting with your customers. People don’t buy from pickles.

  97. #Sales – Use your relationships with customers to educate yourself. Ask your allies how you can improve & take notes.

  98. #Sales – Preparation and Review will make you great. Take the few extra moments to prepare and analyze.

  99. #Sales – Treat the sales endeavor like an artist does the canvas. Let it reflect your passion, pride and person-hood.

  100. #Sales – Look in the mirror. Sell yourself on the fact that you, yourself are valuable. Then your product will be easy to sell.

  101. "Slam" - Tim G. Carter - I like myself today. :)

    “Slam” – Tim G. Carter – I like myself today. 🙂

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