Saving the Sale

     Dear Guts Is The Key #sales reader. If you are reading this article; it is likely that you have at some point lost business that you know you should have won. This writing is designed to give you some ammunition to build your sales game to Save the Sale, when you might otherwise lose it.

saving the sale

     Many, many times the best way to grow our sales is to maximize our opportunities. Often, the trick is not just to get more prospects in the door but to harvest a higher percentage of the prospects that we have. These tips will help you do just that, if you work to apply them to your professionalism.

  1. Crow doesn’t taste so bad if it gets their money, in your pocket.     /     Recently, I had a customer who seemed intent on giving me a hard time. It was so evident that the spouse of this gentleman came to my aid repeatedly. Somewhere along the way; I decided that the difficult and challenging nature of this prospect only rewarded my efforts IF he bought from me. – I reminded myself again and again through the process that no matter how much he made things difficult; I only lost, if he bought somewhere else. So I grinned and endured the discomfort . Yes, you guessed it. I won his business and today, I am glad that I did.

  2. eating crow

  3. Have a proactive plan, when you call to tell about problems.  //  Wow. It is no fun, when you have sealed a deal and you discover something that could derail it. Of course the right thing to do is to be straight up and tell the customer. But this is where true professionalism comes in. Find someway that you are going to make this situation be a benefit to the customer. Some extra service. Some additional concession. Some value that you really have not mentioned to them thus far. The way you present difficulty can set you up to be a problem solver, on the side of the customer; IF you are clever with your angle.



  4. Acting fast can stop you from losing deals.   // Often times problems in business deals are like snow balls. Left alone, they gain momentum and become larger. Move quickly when there is a situation to address, with a prospect. Remember, the word is opportunity, not disaster. Every situation approached proactively can render better results, than unresolved difficulties.   Best Practice makes perfect

  5. In some situations, sending a client to a competitor can save the day.                                                           It is wise to create more of an advisory relationship with clients who are indifferent. You can let them know that you’ll help either to solve their problem or point them in the direction of another business that might be a better fit. Offering to help people find other vendors might seem counter-productive, but in some situations; it can go a long way to earn the trust you may need to win over a client.  – When the client gets the picture that you are really all about them getting what THEY want; you are 10x more likely to win their business. Customer service image 4

  6. Do not spit out prices without showing relevant benefits.  // This is like shooting with an unloaded gun. Sometimes, it is so tempting just to “give out” a price in the busy work a day world. But 90+% of the time, it does not benefit you to give a price to a prospect that you have not described value to. This error loses more business, than any other, single mistake that sales rep’s make. Make sure the prospect understands the value of your product or service; Before you spit out a price.   /  value

  7. Keep the end in site. Work towards the most expedient satisfactory conclusion. Do not leave a deal dangling for lack of a deadline. /// You will always lose a the driver profile buyer by this mistake. People are in a hurry most of the time. People do not have time to waste. Always describe how you will conclude your business with the customer promptly and respective of their schedule. Tons of business is lost for no other reason, than a lack of respect for the clients needs to move expeditiously.

    Time is Ticking. It waits for no one.

    Time is Ticking. It waits for no one.

  8. Never forget to make sure you are talking to the decision maker.  /// This point can not be over-emphasized. Even the most seasoned professionals miss the sale, if they are not talking to the one with the power to make the decision. – Without being disrespectful to anyone that you deal with in an organization; you must realize that one of your primary missions is to be a mole and work your way to the top. When the right individual makes the right decision, things happen. When people who do not have the final say are counted upon exclusively, business is lost. // Influencer vs. Decision Maker

  9. Always be ready to add value; should a competitor meet or undercut your price. // Always have a plan B. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket with a customer. Have a fall back position. Be ready should they come back with the deflating news that they are thinking about buying elsewhere because a competitor has matched or beat your pricing…, This happes frequently, when you think the deal is done. Don’t even be surprised by it. Be ready for it. — You will  have to evaluate how to do this in your own selling environment. – – But practice in advance what you will do, if this happens.  “Mr.  or Ms. Customer, I failed to mention that I can do so & so.”  “Of course, that organization offers to do that, because they do not do this.” Have a contingency plan ready, if a competitor threatens to seize the business on a price only basis. Don’t even be floored by this. Expect it. Be ready to add another layer of value should a competitor undercut your price. //   

    Be Ready for competition.

    Be Ready for competition.

  10. Never take a sale for granted.   // Coasting when you think a deal is won: Is like a Doctor relaxing when he take a patient off critical. The best defense is a good offense. Stay on your “A” game until the deal is concluded. Be customer passionate. Be All About making them happy and then you will not lose business, because you rested on your laurels; when you should have been following through on your service.    never coast

     Follow these tips and you will find your closing rate increasing.Often we can add $’s to our pocket books just as easily by maximizing prospects, we already have; as opposed to focusing only on finding more.  Save the sale with these proactive techniques. Let me know how you do….

Tim G. Carter - aka "Slam"

Tim G. Carter – aka “Slam”




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