Slam’s sales Tips 1-100 – The Guts of Selling

     When I first began to publish my sales tips here. The first couple of rounds, I put out 250 at once. This was too many for people to benefit from at a single sitting. So I am going back through the first 500, updating and republishing them 100 at a time, so they will be in a more useful format for you.

     Here are the first 100 + some helpful, instructional notes to get you into the mindset to benefit from them. It is hard to sell, if you don’t “get into it.” Here are some thoughts about the “Guts” of selling; to help you get your heart in the game. 🙂

growing sales

     Many, many people will have some sales position or experience in their career. And I enjoy helping these people who are selling just for a season. But my greater passion is to help the selling professional. That Gutsy man or woman, who has decide to make the thrust of their vocational life working in the selling arena.

     Selling is like art or music. It is always evolving. Always changing and always taking new flavors of variety that continue to make it one of the most interesting career paths one can follow.

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     Selling is an extension of the person. Everything that you personally do is after all, a pursuit of selling. For each time, you find it necessary to persuade anyone else, of anything else; other than what they already believe: Then you are indeed participating in the selling arena. Because boiled down and synthesized into its most essential elements; Sales will always be the art of persuasion.


     I advocate that all selling professionals continue their training, as long as they remain in the field. Still, if you are to find fulfillment in the selling endeavor; then a lot of your growth and development must come from within. You are unlikely to succeed more on the outside, than you do on the inside.

sales training

     Never forget that your ability to sell will never exceed your ability to communicate. Become a master communicator and you are much more likely to become a master sales pro. // Read these attached sales tips and let them be the catalyst for you next wave of sales growth. Go for it!

Snoopy going for it

  1. #Sales – One of the great things @ selling is that it can be a life long pursuit. A passion that lasts as long as u do.
  2. #Sales – Selling is an evolving art. As long as customers, products & the marketplace changes; so must you!
  3. #Sales – Selling is clearly an extension of the art of persuasion. Develop the ability to convince others others of your ideas to sell more.
  4. #Sales – Keep ur own scorecard-Find ur strength from within-Be a realist & pay attention to the numbers-but get ur validation from inside u!
  5. #Sales – Learn to use your most powerful weapon, your words; with precision, speed and convincing articulation. 
  6. #Sales – Value statements r those propositions that present the real worth & benefit of ur product or service 2 ur customers. Enhance Them!
  7. #Sales-If u “talk somebody into” something; without concern @ the accuracy of ur words-Then u r a rip-off artist, not a positive sales rep.
  8. #Sales -To improve your sales game; find somebody who will tell u the truth about what they see that u need 2 improve. 
  9. #Sales – Come out and ask what your customer thinks of what you said. Most times they will tell you. 
  10. #Sales – What is really crucial in the selling game is what the customer heard, not what you really said.. 
  11. #Sales – Pay attention 2 whether the pace of ur speech is aiding in ur communication 2 ur client or taking away from it 
  12. #Sales – People often will respond positively to rhyme, as long as it is used effectively and genuinely. 
  13. #Sales – Record yourself. You may be shocked at what you hear. 
  14. #Sales – Be able to state your value propositions in a variety of ways: variety is the spice of life.
  15. #Sales – Nobody likes a “canned” approach. Always be working on making your presentation fresh.
  16. #Sales – Whether your prospect buys or flies is greatly due to your words. So, always be improving your vocabulary.
  17. #Sales – Customers can not read your mind. They can only hear what you say. The trick is to say the right things. 
  18. #Sales -If you’ve got thin skin-Get over it-You must accept constructive criticism 2 improve & sustain ongoing growth. 
  19. #Sales – The most powerful tool in the salesman’s chest = Words. Not only pay attn. to what you say but how you say it.
  20. #Sales – The most powerful tool in the salesman’s chest = Words. Study customer’s reactions 2 aim better!
  21. #Sales -A famous pole vaulter said he set his records throwing his heart over the bar-This passion works in selling too
  22. #Sales – People don’t like to buy from phonies. Be yourself; your best self but be genuine.
  23. People buy from people they like- Most times,They will like u if u like them-What will it hurt: Practice liking your customer.
  24. #Sales – If you practice being a better human being; you are likely to be more effective in sales.
  25. #Sales – Did you ask the prospect to buy? Do Not rely on whether you think he would buy. Did you ask for the business? Every time, always!
  26. #Sales – Would you be interested in your product based on your description? Ask someone to critique u. #selfimprovement…
  27. #Sales – If you blow it; don’t cover it. Face it, deal with it honesty and move on.. Best salesman is an honest one.…
  28. #Sales – I can’t forecast the weather. I can forecast my attitude. It will be great today; how about yours?…
  29. #Sales – I can’t forecast the weather. I can forecast my attitude. It will be sunny & shining today; how about yours?…
  30. #Sales – Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your ALTITUDE. ~Zig Ziglar
  31. #Sales – With a Ho Hum attitude; you might as well stay home. Turn your “A” game on, BEFORE u get to work!…
  32. #Sales – Zig Ziglar says we often need “a check up from the neck-up.” I find this true in sales every day!…
  33. #Sales – When I wrestled, I had to dig deep to win sometimes; same with sales. Give it your best shot.…
  34. #Sales – Chore or Challenge; its all how u look at it-Give your career your best attitude and your career will improve.…
  35. #Sales -2 B dynamic in sales u must appreciate people-No man is an island-U will not win long term in sales without it.
  36. #Sales – Is a super empowering career. You must think value every day to succeed.
  37. #Sales – God is the great persuader of human hearts 2 do the right thing-It helps a salesperson to be in touch with Him
  38. #Sales – is a great career for positive thinkers. It is a perpetual necessity to focus your energies towards success.
  39. #Sales – The power to sell more comes from the flow of more pertinent information coupled with effective presentation.
  40. #Sales “Every great dream begins with a dreamer-Always remember, u have.. the passion 2 reach the stars & change the world.”-Harriet Tubman
  41. #Sales – To win a customers confidence; they must believe that you are in it for them.
  42. #Sales: “ Thou, O God, dost sell us all good things at the price of labour. ” Leonardo da Vinci…
  43. #Sales – Instead of selling your heart out. Positive selling, sells your heart in. (Makes it stronger too).
  44. #Sales -Selling for profit is a job-Selling for fun is a passion-Learn to sell for fun and you make your job a passion.
  45. #Sales -Move at a driving personality’s pace with him/her; confirming steps with direct permission questions 2 make sure u are not assuming.
  46. #Sales -Most times ask prospect Do u have children? passionate answer-distant answer or even No answer will help u know a lot @ ur customer.
  47. #Sales – Don’t ask them to buy from u, until u appreciate them. Positive selling is not being a fast talking slickster.
  48. #Sales – You will never have to search for inspiration if you let God live inside you.
  49. #Sales – Ask urself-how can I help the person n front of me & u will increase sales & customer satisfaction & retention
  50. #Sales – When you are on the phone; SMILE. You may not believe it but your customer will feel better if u do! Try it!
  51. #Sales – It takes Guts to win in selling. Pick up the telephone. Quit analyzing it and say Hello!
  52. #Sales – It takes Guts to win in selling. Pull the car over. Go in and introduce yourself. Just do it!
  53. #Sales – The call you are not willing to make may be the sale you are willing to lose.
  54. #Sales – Positive Selling means that you are as concerned about your customer, as you are yourself.
  55. #Sales – Competence makes the customer feel better about you and you feel better about yourself.
  56. #Sales – Value is what the customer still gets to keep and appreciate after the selling hype is over.
  57. No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times 2 risk his well-being, 2 risk his body, 2 risk his life, n a great cause- T Roosevelt
  58. #Sales -consists of development & execution of good technique & presentation 2 market a given product or service-resulting n happy customers
  59. #Sales – If you accomplish financial gain through cheating others you are a rip-off artist not a good Sales Person.
  60. #Sales – is an art that secures positive reward for the accomplishment of positive persuasion.
  61. #Sales – does not happen to you. It comes from you. You must generate the energy and produce the results.
  62. #Sales – I love to sell. I’m going to sell something today. I’m going to make this next sale. That is the right sales attitude.
  63. #Sales – Law of Escalating Potential. Daily development can create an inertia of growth that not only adds but also multiplies.
  64. #Sales – Work hard and smart. God does not reward the lazy.
  65. #Sales – Suit up and show up. Be consistent in your sales efforts.
  66. #Sales – People who like People are the best sales rep.
  67. #Sales – is one of the few career paths that insists that someone achieve consistent rewards and accomplishments to continue in the ranks. 
  68. #Sales Believe n the creative explosion going on nside u 2 sell ur best-Realize ur worth-Believe n ur potential.
  69. #Sales – Realize your worth. Believe in your potential.…
  70. #Sales – Believe in your potential.…
  71. #Sales – Realize your worth.…
  72. #Sales – You need to believe in the creative explosion going on inside you to sell your best. 
  73. #Sales – You need to believe in the creative explosion going on inside you to sell your best. Realize your worth. Believe in your potential.
  74.  #Sales – Giovanni Gaudelli advises us well‏ @giomotivation Sprinkle a dash of laughter on your day! :))
  75. #Sales – You need to believe in the creative explosion going on inside you to sell your best. Believe in your potential.
  76. #Sales – You need to believe in the creative explosion going on inside you to sell your best. Realize your worth.
  77. #Sales – Believe in your potential.
  78. #Sales – Realize your worth.
  79. #Sales – You need to believe in the creative explosion going on inside you to sell your best.
  80. #Sales – If you feel better (fulfillment) @ your  career, you are more likely thereby, to increase your profit & the profit of your company.
  81. #Sales – Slow down your lips and let your brain catch up.
  82. #Sales – It is good when personal style naturally lends itself to expression in your career.
  83. #Sales – How would you like to be treated? That is a good question to ask yourself everyday in a sales career.
  84. #Sales – Want to change lives. Be a good sales person.
  85. #Sales – People go out of their way to buy from me, because they know I will do them right.
  86. #Sales – People will go out of their way to send you business referrals if you are good to them.
  87. #Sales – My friend @SteveGutzler advises us to have magnificent passions. Sales training is one of these for me:
  88. #Selling – Should be considered a lofty profession because you will get to spend your whole life offering value to others.
  89. #Sales – Why use an axe, if a chainsaw works better. Evaluate ur tools. Always change & update tools & techniques. #salescategory
  90. #Sales – “Trying the same thing & expecting different results” = definition of insanity. Shake it up in the sales game to win.
  91. #Sales – You regularly change the oil in a car to keep it running right. Same in sales. Must regularly review & update.
  92. #Selling – If conscience & character R not considered in the art of selling, it becomes little more than shallow pettiness, regardless of the money u make.
  93. #Sales – Value is Perception. If the product or service is worth what the informed customer is willing to pay. It is a good value to them.
  94. #Sales – A great deal is any transaction in which the customer receives a value or service worth more to them, than the price they paid.
  95. #Sales – A good deal is any transaction in which the customer receives a value or service equal to the price they paid.
  96. #Sales – To sell or not to sell is never the question. Beat the other guy or gal to the punch. Go get em.
  97. #Sales – A bad deal is any transaction in which the customer does not receive a service or product equal to the price they paid.
  98. Positive #Selling is the art whereby value is transmitted 2 another-through providing a product or service & receiving benefit for this help
  99. #Sales gives me the opportunity daily to make a positive impact into the lives of others.
  100. How do u know you have been touched by God? How do you know your heart is beating? A clear awareness of spiritual life signifies God’s touch

       I stuck a few inspiration and faith tips in this 100 as well. Hope you don’t mind.

Sell, like you Mean It Today! 🙂

Snoopy going for it

Your down to earth sales consultant. The one, The only "Slam" Carter. ;)

Your down to earth sales consultant. The one, The only “Slam” Carter. 😉

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