A Student of The Game

     Sales has been a life-long passion for me.  It wasn’t a designed career path, so much as an aptitude that seemed to demand an outlet. I remember in Bible school meeting with the counselor, trying to plan a path of vocation in ministry. Larry always wound up talking to me about business. He would tell me what great things I was going to do in business. It seemed like he had an insight that business and selling was where my path of purpose was destined to lead. He and others could see it.

     No matter where I go or what I do; some sales related topic always comes up. It’s like people, who are looking at a leopard; they always notice his spots. Or people talking to you about a tiger; they always mention his stripes. Sales orientation has always been like this for me. I always get tagged as a sales pro, even if I’m not trying to.

     My brother whom I considered for most of my life to be the quintessential salesman tells me I am always selling. He puts up his radar whenever he talks to me realizing that I am always engaged in the art of persuasion.

     Don’t get me wrong. This has generally been positive for me. Lawyers and salesmen have historically gotten a bad rap. The bad ones have typically given the whole bunch,  a bad reputation. Still, there are still “good apples” and I have always been one of them & known as one. So, I genuinely, historically and experientially love the art of selling.  But like anything else worth doing or being; it requires work and education.

     Because of life experiences, I find myself today being more attracted to the sales fulfillment and sales passion aspect of the game; than technical proficiency. Both are important. But I guess because of my profound faith in God; why to sell interests me more than how to sell. The expertise I intend to deepen and develop is helping other sales professionals deepen value, satisfaction, passion, meaning and fulfillment in their own, individual, sales careers.

     Sales is such an established, intrinsic part of the culture of America that it is impossible not to be touched by the effects of the sales community.  Even if you hide in your bedroom, sales experts will reach you through your radio, TV and computer. Sales professionals literally influence every facet of our experience. Everything from the food we eat, the car we drive, the devices we use and even our underwear are influenced by the sales community. Don’t believe me, ask Michael Jordan (lol but really). So, I feel on solid ground believing that I can minister in the sales marketplace. How better to practically influence more lives?  Yes, you heard it right; I view even my future work in sales training as ministry. My goal that I intend to develop in 2012 is a career helping sales professionals find more fulfillment and satisfaction in their work.

     Happier, more energized, honest, competent, conscientious sales professionals literally result in all of us having better lives. So it is this aspect of passion & appreciation of the sales life that I think more about today, than just technique execution. (Though I intend to help with some of that task also). Its just that my focus will be to help you feel better about your sales work and not only to help you do it.

     I have engaged and trained many sales professionals whom were involved in the sales function just for the income, not really the enjoyment to be found in the art of selling. And nine times out of ten, these individuals have a hard time with performance also, some-where along the way in their sales career. This is plain. Fix the motivation and the salesman will generally improve his / her own process, because of deeper initiative.

     My favorite sales people to train are those who realize the importance of what they do. Those who do not  see their selling position, as just “a job.” Top sales performers generally feel better about themselves and the real value of what they do.

     So, my approach to aid companies and organizations achieve more sales success will be aimed chiefly at its participants. I purpose to enrich the appreciation of sales professionals in finding happiness in their pursuit. I intend to assist the sales performers themselves, in finding more fulfillment in their career.

     So Today, I am making a conscious decision to focus more on helping the sales community find more fun, freedom and satisfaction in their career path.  I don’t intend to be “just another voice” instructing in technical proficiency. This change in my game plan will make a difference with employers, families, consumers and most especially the individuals selling.

     As the title of this piece indicated; I am a student of the sales game. And this development to help you enjoy what you do is my current focus. I hope that because of it; I can help many of you enhance your selling careers. My target is to publish 1 Sales BEAM a week, to help you grow in this task. Be a student of the game. Stay tuned.


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Author, Trainer, Pastor, Spiritual Coach, Inspirational Speaker, 12 step follower Thinker, Entrepreneur, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, and Shotokan YonDan (5th degree black belt). Visionary; Maker of original sayings, slogans and giver of spiritual help. "If God has a pulse, then I can feel it." Nicknamed "Slam" / Creator of #Slamism ... 's on Twitter @cccdynapro
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4 Responses to A Student of The Game

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  2. Brad Hanson says:

    As a professional sales rep, the first thing that you must do is sell yourself. You do a very good job of selling yourself. I love your heart, passion, and love for people. Another very good article. Keep up the good work. Sell on, Brad

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