Utilize an Intuitive Sales Approach

     The old saying goes that “great minds think alike.” I have found so many examples of this, in my career that it is astonishing. The idea behind this sales article is certainly one such example.

Great minds

     I have always been an intuitive seller. I place great credence on instincts, hunches, gut feelings  and the real substantive power of intuition.  I have found that our inner God-given compass gives us a great wealth of creativity; when it is unleashed. This Creativity can powerfully impact the sales endeavor, if we practice it.

     With this thought in mind, I set out to write a new BEAM on the topic. But before launching into the topic; I decided to Google search what other thought was available on the subject. Whammo! There was an article of the exact subject nature written today by a leading sales consulting firm. Although, the approach is a little different; the underlying truth is the same.

     The obvious fact we must each face daily is that we live in a changing world. And that if we are to be relevant in the market-place; we must change also.  While many sales principles, strategies, mindsets and ideas are timeless. The way in which they must be applied are hour-glass sensitive.

hour glass

     In a day, when the web makes knowledge prevalent to anyone and everyone with a computer; the idea that a sale professional exists primarily as an information provider is extinct. The customer is as likely as the salesman to be thoroughly informed. So the keen sales pro must develop talents and techniques that involve more application of knowledge, than just being able to present the facts.

     It is a necessary fact  to consider that today’s world is centered around data availability. And modern business is connection speed driven. These two factors make it impossible for a  progressive sales professional to be on his or her “A” game, without utilizing relevant technology tools. Yet, it is the intuitive and relevant use of these tools that separates  achievers from market place losers.

     It is not just providing information that is helpful to consumers but ideas on how to apply it. Interesting and creative approaches on how to harness it, is the juice that sells. So you see that even in this technologically hot environment; intuition is powerful in the sales game.


     One of the constants that has not changed in this environment is the need for the sales professional to be more consultant, than fact feeder. There has never been a time that realizing that the sales-person you are talking to; is both a)  in touch with what is important and also b) concerned about helping you. And a sales pro proves them-self, both in touch and helpful, by helping prospects harvest and use the information available to them.

     People like to utilize the services of sales consultants, whose intuitive hunches provide effective and useful advice to help them profit. And that word is huge: ADVICE! It appreciates that the customer prospect may be  informed themselves and see’s the sales role as assistance, not force-feeding. When a pro assists a customer in getting what they want, they have accomplished the highest function of sales excellence.


     How can you become more intuitive in your sales process. Identify the distinctives that enable you to offer real value to your customer prospects. Build these distinctives into your sales strategy. Have a definite approach that unleashes opportunities for you to be of maximum benefit to your customer.

      Sometimes the greatest hunch can be realizing a need and addressing it. Experiment with different kinds of software. Read about the best available technology support tools. Sometimes, the greatest problem solver in your sales game is just utilizing the right tools.

     Data management and accumulation needs to be centered around what works. Centered around what powerfully contributes to sales execution. Not just burdensome lists and tasks that actually detract, instead of empowering.

     An intuitive sales approach can not only guide day-to-day operation but explosively catapult planning, into launching.  Targeting time is crucial. And no time is more needy of the inspiration of intuition than the phase of formation. Let instinct driven fresh ideas spark growth into your personal sales and the sales of your organization.  The simplest way to do this is to make it a practice to test market new ideas regularly.

test market

     You will never know if you do not try. Many of the greatest discoveries were “stumbled upon,” while experimenting. Let your hunches drive your sales efforts to new vista’s of accomplishment and success. Practice ways that you can utilize your own intuitive sales approach.

     Important points to ponder:

  1.  Hunches are God-given power tools to help us become more creative.

  2. There are timeless sales principles that can assist in every environment.

  3. How to apply principles in the sales situation is ever-changing.

  4. Remember, The customer is as likely as the sales pro to be thoroughly informed.

  5. Application, not just presentation is what prospects count on consultants for.

  6. Consultants provide advice that assists the customer in getting what they want.

  7. Data accumulation needs to be based on what works, not just burdensome lists and tasks.

  8. The best way to incorporate intuition into your sales game is the regular practice of test marketing.

Have a powerful sales proactive day. Utilize the God-given hunches and instincts resident in you, to infuse new dynamism and profit into your sales approach!

"Slam" Tim G. Carter - Your intuitive sales Consultant!

“Slam” Tim G. Carter – Your intuitive sales Consultant!

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