Show And Tell

     As a Quaker, I’m into simple things that work. There are many basics in sales that you never get beyond. It is like always finding it important to stop at red lights, or always seeing the need to tend daily to hygiene. These are no brainers but require consistent attention. There are certain indisputable aspects of sales efforts like this, that can never be forgotten, if you are to be successful.  

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

     There are definites to always work on; if you want to improve your sales game. Like so many important disciplines, They will work; if you work on them.

     I remember when I was a boy in elementary school that once a week, we had “show and tell.” During this time, you were to bring something important in your life to school and tell others about it. The best show and tells were always when someone brought something, that by itself was impressive to class. Or if they found a way to make whatever the thing was really interesting, by a great way of presenting it.

show and tell

      Sales will always be a “show and tell” game. We must always make sure that we have something that the prospect has genuine interest in. After working on making sure our product or service has real value to them; we then must present it in such a way that they are interested in it.

      Sales is all about communicating value and convincing someone to pay for it. It is not as important what you believe; as it is what your customer believes. Yet, if you don’t believe it; your customers never will. And in order for your customer to believe that you believe, you must ooze confidence, credibility and conviction!

Believe in what you do Have a dream

#1 Tell it with Passion. If you do not have conviction in your voice, when you tell your customers about it; they may not get the point even if its true.

     Remember sales is about communicating value.  Not just telling them about it but making sure they get it. It is not just you knowing the value of your product or service. You must convey this to your customer and they must buy into it, because of your presentation.

     Just because you “get it” does not mean your customer “gets it.” Tell your facts with passionate conviction. Your customers will retain more and you will sell more, if you do.

lack of sales passion pic

#2 Listen with Intensity. Hearing is not listening. You can not sell effectively, if your customer does not believe you understand their need. And the only way to understand their need is to listen to them.

active listening picture

     A previous sales coach of mine daily pounded it into me to “actively listen.” What are they really saying? What are their expressions saying? Is there a deeper layer that needs to be uncovered, than just what they are saying on the surface? They are not likely to care about what you say, until they sense that you care about what they say.

     Do not be so eager to make your next point that you do not let the customer make their point, first. If you listen better, you will sell more. This is a guarantee!

#3 Show it with Enthusiasm. Unless your product sells itself [some do]; it will be your demonstration that makes the difference. Whether they buy from you or your competitor may rest on the value and persuasiveness of your demonstration.


 So, to sum up our Show and Tell lesson. Never forget! To sell more:

Tell it with Passion.

Listen with Intensity.

Show it with Enthusiasm.

"Slam" Tim G Carter - Inspirational Communicator

“Slam” Tim G Carter – Your Inspirational Communicator

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