Treat every customer like a Secret Shopper

     Sales as in life rewards the champions who excel in the fundamentals. Lombardi proved in football, a lesson that should help us in the whole of life. When we return to strengthening the foundation; the whole performance improves.

Lombardi - This is a football

     In the sales dimension, there has been a development in the last decade that has helped organizations, police and establish quality control, in the sales activities of their representatives.  This development has been the use of secret shoppers. Mystery shopping involves having someone pose as a regular customer, in order to evaluate the presentation, goods and services that a business provides.  

secret shoppers

     Secret shoppers help an organization assess the presence or absence of important necessities in their organization’s sales process. Some of these critical parts that are looked at by mystery shoppers are:

  • How long does it take a customer to be greeted?

  • What is the speed of service provided to the customer?

  • What is the cleanliness of the location?

  • Is the location complying with company standards in dress, greetings and procedures?

  • Is the location making the prospect aware of specific services that can be offered?

  • What is the attitude and the conduct of the employees?

  • Best Practice makes perfect

     Sending mystery shoppers into a location can turn examining the process of sales quality, into a simple matter. It can show a company or firm, what your customer really faces, when meeting with your representatives. It is like a microscope that zooms in on why or why not, your prospects purchase from your company.

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     I have never scored badly on a secret shopper’s assessment. Why? Because I have the philosophy that I will treat every prospect as a secret shopper. Sometimes my “outrageously positive” treatment of customers is made fun of. Yet this attitude is the very secret needed to turn mediocre sales rep.’s, into highly successful professionals.

     Every prospect is a chance to practice your technique. Every customer is an opportunity to develop your skills. How many times, I have watched a superior team lose on game day; because they were “flat.”  This should be one of the single most red flag’s to work on yourself and in the development of your sales teams. The attitude that every customer is extremely important. The mindset that every interaction is critical to sales success.


      How do you prepare well for secret shoppers? By treating every prospect as if they were one.

      How do you prepare your organization to perform well consistently. By teaching them to treat every prospect with interest and enthusiasm.

       When I answer the telephone, I always answer with energy; even if I know who is calling. I always answer with energy, even if they know I know, who is calling. I teach my sales pro’s to answer with vigor, even if they know it is me. Because I want to teach the mindset that every communication is an opportunity to practice excellence. Be outrageously positive. Try it. Your company will like it. More importantly; your customers will like it.

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      One of the fun things in a previous employment experience was that secret shoppers, actually video’ed you, without you knowing. The thought that you may be on video is a powerful motivator to stay on your “A” game and avoid flat, unimpressive interactions.

      You can improve your own sales performance today, by treating all your customers as if they were video shoppers. And if you are training sales pro’s in your organization; you can maximize their development by stressing the idea that every interaction is a vital one.

       Treat every customer like a Secret Shopper and you will grow your sales.

"SLAM" - Tim G. Carter

“SLAM” – Tim G. Carter

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