Slamisms – 301 through 400

     I apologize to my Guts Is The Key Readers. I am way behind, on my posts. It was August of last year since I released the third hundred of my “Slamisms.” So, With no further wait, here is the next hundred. I will preface these by commenting and expanding  the first few to give you an overview and flavor, of what’s to come.

  1. Before trying to “Fix” your career, “Fix You.” Amazing how careers get better when we do! #Slamism / It’s amazing how many people want to fix something on the surface, while ignoring the underlying problem. Many times, maybe even most times, our careers suffer because their is something “out of whack” in us.  When we fix our character defects and chase away our personal haunting spectres; it is amazing how many of our professional problems fix themselves.

  2. Center your work around others and not just self satisfaction. It is amazing how the workplace improves when you do this! #slamism / This is one of those things that you can not calculate in a binary equation but it works anyway! When we give to others with a healthy, helpful motive; it is amazing how the work attitudes of those around you will change. It is not calculatable how giving results in blessing. But it is so!

  3. Doing your best at work can make you feel better about everything else!  #slamism / Sometimes we want things to be better but are not willing to put in the work to change them. The work must come first. Another ironic truth is that when we do our best at work; it tends to make us feel better about things outside of work. Do your best on your job and see if you do not experience a general overall improvement, in your life.

  4. When u wear ur best smile & practice a good outlook in spite of “feeling bad”-u do great wonders 2 help turn the page & feel good! #slamism / A put on smile can rapidly becomes the real thing. An amazing event, most times happens when you feel bad, and put a pleasant face on anyway. You will find yourself feeling better. This is an uncanny but solid truth. Try it. Next time you are in a sour mood. Go to the restroom. Wash your face and put on a big smile. And make yourself keep it. The brain will produce chemicals to back up your decision to be optimistic, with rewarding sensations. So most times, it is good to smile, EVEN when you don’t feel like it.

  5. Dwelling on your problems only increases them. Think about the remedy. Live in the solution. Face facts but Aim on the Answers. #slamism / Rehashing the problem seldom solves it! Think instead about how you are going to get better. About how you are going to improve. This improved manner of thought will lead to an improved manner of living. Don’t stay in the doldrums of distress, envision a solution and fix your mind on this possibility becoming your reality.

  6. Smiling is a Neurological Miracle! Put one on & wear it/Not only will you make those around you, like you more/You Will Feel Better! #slamism

  7. No matter how much you know. Sometimes your colleague knows more than you & the best thing you can do is be humble & listen. #Slamism

  8. To improve in your profession, you must dare to question your own process & try something different regularly. #salescategory #slamism

  9. Training must continue for professional life to be vibrant & not stagnate-It changes the oil. It lubricates you with new ideas! #slamism

  10. Problems are often like bullies who aren’t so tough when you face them. Standing up to challenges often shrinks their proportions. #slamism

  11. If you don’t want to grow; remember the other option is to rot. #slamism

  12. Do not become ineffective-because you can’t deal with the present due to weakness-worrying about the future. #slamism

  13. RT @SteveGutzler Being kind and gracious is not just an act but a lifestyle. #leadership #salescategory #slamism

  14. RT @SteveGutzler “The success journey is filled with flops, failures, and fumbles.” Stay Encouraged! #leadership #Slamism

  15. Yoda was onto something with that “Do or Do Not” thing. When you put your hand to the plow, don’t look back! #Slamism ;

  16. Dare to DREAM BIG; Be smart enough to work for it and have faith enough to believe it will come true. #slamism

  17. It is necessary for so some doors to be shut , in order for other doors to be opened. Closed doors can be be lessings in disguise. #Slamism

  18. Positive life growth is a road trip/Make up your mind to stay on the journey-until you reach ur destination! #Slamism

  19. Do not forget as you seek God for answers, that he often uses the lips of others. #behumbleenoughtoacceptsuggestions #Slamism

  20. When one practices with diligence-intensity-steadfastly with determination; then success comes naturally-as a pre-rehearsed event. #Slamism

  21. The ability to overcome problems resides greatly with those, who remember the power of Seeking, to bring about finding. #slamism

  22. Any kind of Practice doesn’t make perfect. More perfect practice makes more perfect. 🙂 #Slamism ;

  23. Red-Black-Blue or Green/We need to be color blind in how we love people-It should only be people’s actions that form our opinions.#slamism

  24. There are many who just want 2 fight & argue-Avoid them if possible-Bring out the good in others-Avoid those who belittle #Slamism

  25. The spontaneity of the creative act is powerful-Flow with ideas when they come-I advise my #Shotokan students 2 train in this way! #slamism

  26. You must look within for value, but must look beyond for perspective. ~ Denis Waitley #Slamism

  27. It’s always right now-right now! Get in the game today & quit wishing for the magic SomeDay!  #Salescategory #Slamism

  28. Want a better job? Quit day-dreaming about something else. Focus on what is good where you are And watch it “miraculously” improve. #Slamism

  29. Pay more attention to people around you, than your own mental chatter and you will find it incredibly easier to get along at work! #Slamism

  30. Great triumphs take great sacrifices. #Slamism

  31. Togetherness in nature builds strong relationship bonds. Go hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, boating & etc. with people you love. #Slamism

  32. Accepting that the situations around us will be continually different is a healthy part of maturity. #Slamism

  33. Do not become ineffective-because you can’t deal with the present due to weakness-worrying about the future. #slamism

  34. If you don’t want to grow; remember the other option is to rot. #slamism

  35. Fortunately, each progressive step in this cycle can be built on the strength of learning from the previous. #slamism

  36. Do not belabor lost causes. Let them go. Learn to move on, when life’s circumstances change. #slamism

  37. Our Creator’s plan is that we have a living-developing-healthy spirit-even when life throws us curve balls #slamism

  38. Change is normal-The unexpected happens-But it’s a part of God’s plan-if you look at the up side of things. #slamism

  39. Be rigidly flexible as life washes you with its ever altering, moving waves. Life Flows. Roll with the tide. #slamism

  40. God turbo charges a Godly person’s best intentions, with supernatural power. #slamism  .

  41. Reframing our thoughts-into a more positive-productive direction is one of the most truly important powers of our human volition. #slamism

  42. To be continually refreshed and renewed, find Daily, Inspiration Catalysts that you can count on for dynamic motivation. #slamism

  43. “To do lists” are great. as long as they lead to equally long “got it done” lists. Slam- 

  44. RT @SteveGutzler Leadership has a lot 2 do with believing in yourself when no one believes in you #truewords #slamism

  45. God blesses the man or woman with peace who keeps their mind stayed on Him and their life fixed on blessing others. #slamism

  46. All believers struggle but a true believer’s struggles produce life & are faced with joy, peace & assurance. #slamism

  47. Like the salmon’s swim upstream, to its birthing place; Our guided, fruitful struggle produces life. #slamism

  48. Life for God is a simple thing really. Love Him and praise Him daily and be good to other people. #slamism

  49. As we serve God in a deep way, he grants us His wisdom. #slamism

  50. I am able to be very open and honest and yet very discreet and select, about what I say to whom. … #slamism

  51. I am always driving, pushing and striving to be more, better and improve myself. #slamism

  52. God lets me blow it sometimes, to drive me to my knees and remember just how much I need His Power. #slamism

  53. I am really try to do God’s will and that condition is a rest, not a struggle. … #slamism

  54. Find inner peace-that gives serenity-Corrie Ten Boom said “not to wrestle with God but nestle with God.” #slamism

  55. Knowing your spiritual identity gives you a solid footing in life. #slamism

  56. Solving the ownership question puts you in the right court, to face and solve other real challenges. #slamism

  57. I no longer struggle with who owns me. That question has been settled. #slamism

  58. I take my spiritual vitamins each morning that I need to grow, to be spiritually, vital, real and healthy. #slamism

  59. Realize your worth. God made you for a purpose. Belief in your own value honors Him.     … #Slamism #Salescategory

  60. It is tempting 2 find a good way & stop-Still, We must never lose our initiative 2 find better ways & grow. #slamism 

  61. One of the greatest joys of living is sharing with others, the joys of living . #slamism 

  62. Each of us, who would continue to grow in this adventure of life need mentors. #Slamism 

  63. “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale #Slamism

  64. The water runs deep in my soul…. Slam- #slamism

  65. #Slamisms come from the Gut… From my heart and soul. That is why my BEAM(blog) is called Guts Is The Key.

  66. People wonder how I get so many ideas-Well-as a little boy,what I wanted most was 2 hear from God-Just sayin #Slamism

  67. Let consistency be your M.O. Upbeat & positive everyday! I Engage & network everyday! Be somebody people can count on! #slamism 

  68. Jorge Andropodi; The most compassionate giving has no thought or expectation of reward & grounded N genuine concern for others. #slamism

  69. Want joy?! Create some! Speak life and well-being with constructive uplifting words and watch your situation improve. #Slamism

  70. Sometimes the best of us need a good talking to. Learn when you fight discouragement, to give yourself your own inspired pep-talk #slamism.

  71. Yes, I love people who are atheists. I find just about all people fascinating, although I do not agree with them all. #Slamism

  72. Your viewpoint is likely weak, if you do not have friends of different persuasions. #slamism ;

  73. One of my favorite quotations: A sincere seeker of truth has nothing to fear from the facts-Paul Johnson; A History of Christianity #slamism

  74. A good artist tries to put their heart on the canvas. A good professional does the same in business. #slamism #salescategory #ethicsdriven

  75. Professionalism 101-When an artist paints-every stroke design is as expressive & creative as the artist-Good business is that way. #slamism

  76. Professionalism 101 – Never forget-The best way to end any meeting is to agree on the next steps & the next meeting. #slamism #salescategory

  77. Professionalism 101-Always get contact information-It is unforgivable 2 miss an opportunity-because u did not write down a phone #. #slamism

  78. You can shop in every fashion and apparel shop in the United States and you will not look your best, without a #smile #slamism

  79. Stepping in the puddle,instead of around it-Taking your shoes off,just to feel the grass-These are unexplainable joys #wakeuptolife #slamism

  80. Poor manners and rudeness will not win people over to your viewpoint. Practice tact, restraint and courtesy with all. #slamism

  81. It is so easy to point fault. We are normally better served to keep a sharp eye out for our own faults, than the faults of others. #slamism

  82. What we do is important, even if it does not result in recognition. #slamism

  83. Sometimes, people are more concerned about how they “appear” to others, than how they really are. #slamism ;

  84. The true measure of success in life is authentic meaning, not public acclaim. #slamism

  85. The highest measure of good is the service we render others. Not the position we reach in the world. #slamism

  86. My way to make a significant difference is by helping others with mental and spiritual welfare. #slamism

  87. My gift to others is good thinking that leads to fulfilling living. #slamism

  88. I like to share good thoughts with others & I find a bunch of these ideas, in the Bible. #slamism

  89. Someone can make a huge difference in the lives of others, even when their name is never credited. #slamism

  90. This story is perfect proof text you may be making a huge difference-whether other people realize it or not #slamism

  91. Anonymity is not a popular concept. But it is a great spiritual value. #slamism

  92. The Creator of Celestial wonder & Universal Diversity found it important 2 announce & present Himself in a manger.

  93. Maybe it’s actually the greatest condition of significance-to bless others without receiving the credit or being recognized for it! #slamism

  94. Do great things today to be a help-strength & contribution to others around you & our world-even if you do not think it is noticed! #slamism

  95. A hero was still a hero, before he or she became noticed by others. Truth and heroism are important, whether anyone sees or not! #Slamism

  96. For me, the worst travesty of human waste is for someone not to try to do their best with their life! #Slamism

  97. Often, we are looking overhead for miracles above us, when they are growing under foot as seeds beside us. #Slamism

  98. Sometimes we are looking for a big answer, when the answer is in the little things around us. #slamism

  99. Sometimes, to win your race; you have to first create your track to run on. #Slamism

  100. If you will start an endeavor, with the desired outcome in mind, your chances for success are much greater. #Slamism /.. This last one so clearly ties with number 4 and number five, that we started with. Clear aim produces clearer results. Having the idea in mind, of what we want to achieve before we start greatly improves the likelihood that we will achieve it. Have your goal in mind before you begin your work. Just like the shot of an arrow from a bow; hitting the bull’s-eye is much more likely, when a very focused steady aim is applied before the effort. I teach my karate students to practice each technique with the intensity, that each technique might be the very one that saves their life. Learning to put our best and what we do is not hap- Hazard. It is very deliberate and sets the foundation for greater success.

    Have an awesome week and use these #slamisms to make it better!! 

    Slam, teaching a technique to a karate student

    Slam, teaching a technique to a karate student

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