The Discovery Diet – 5 month’s later – Results / Health Update

This writing is a follow up to an article that I wrote 5 months ago; about the need for a weight loss and better health diet. This is the link to that article.  I am pleased to say my results are amazing. I have lost 89 pounds overall and 72 since I was in the hospital in late March. Additionally, I have achieved many more health benefits. 

When I started in April. I threw out all the givens and decided to find what really worked for me. There were three givens that I started with. #1 – I truly felt divinely lead. That helps more than anything with real strength and resolve. // #2 – I threw away all the Adkins, low carb, Weight watchers, 56 Day and popular notion diets. I challenged every idea that has never worked long-term, for me before. // #3 – I decided that I decided I would take a simpler, mathematical approach, since the technology now exists at our fingertips to understand what we eat.

So I downloaded  on my phone and began to evaluate everything I ate. I decided to adopt a strict calorie count on everything and I mean everything. If it went in my mouth, I wanted to know how many calories, I was consuming. /// I followed this commitment steadfastly. I even went on a 30 day health sabbatical, where I focused on this before and in front of everything else.

This lead to some shocking revelations. I could eat much of what I wanted and just change brand, type, formula, preparation and etc. and reduce my calorie intake. And the true calorie content was the key., for me. Two major sacrifices I had to make. Mayonnaise, for the most part went Bye. Bye; and this was a great love. (long story behind that).. I truly ate more mayonnaise in calories at times than I can consume daily overall now. And additional salt on my food is gone forever… And I had previously sworn that I would never quit my salt intake. Heck, I sometimes salted every bite. But I decided that there could be no sacred cows, if I was to made real, lasting gains [I mean losses. 😉 ] Of course, I did common sense things like eliminating sodas and reducing processed foods. But the most critical component was reducing calorie intake.

Bottom line?! I discovered calorie counting really worked for me, with the salt reduction commitment added. 

But I rapidly discovered that this only worked if I got really honest. For this to work long-term; I had to be really truthful. Butter, syrup, dressing, sauces, everything had to be considered. If I ingested it, I became bone shattering honest about it and included it in my intake. No exceptions. The rule I tried to follow was, if it goes into me; I am going to look at it and better understand what it is doing to me. This was a true “Discovery” process.

The My Fitness app. also has nutritional information as well as calorie content data, so you can keep an eye on reduced protein and etc…..

Surprisingly, I started right away attaining results that shocked me. There were plateaus where it seemed like I was bottoming out, but they always gave way to consistent faithfulness in my new pursuit.

And this was truly amazing to me! I had felt so stuck previously that I really thought the weight loss, I wanted to achieve was truly beyond me. I am glad I was mistaken.  All of a sudden, I “Discovered” that a different approach completely changed my outcome and my possibilities. A slimmer, leaner, more muscular me began to happen, before my eyes.

Furthermore in addition to weight loss, I had some karate and physical training goals I had previously put on the shelf as too high, for me to attain. I suppose, although I didn’t come right out and say it; but deep within, I thought these goals were just behind me, like youth! But now, I took these athletic pursuits off the shelf and decided if I didn’t achieve them; it was not going to be, because I didn’t try.

So in addition to the diet, I took additional action: I put a gym downstairs. I knew to get where I wanted to with these athletic pursuits, I needed exercise to become daily. Something that had kept me from daily exercise previously was having to “GO” to the gym. So I solved the need to go anywhere to train.

Now having to go anywhere is no longer an excuse. I just have to go downstairs and close the door. I am glad to say, I am doing things physically now, that I previously thought were impossible for me. I have reached new pinnacles of balance, speed, focus, coordination and power.

In many ways, I have attained more than even the advantages of youth allowed me to achieve. One of the evidences of this was the recent attainment of my third degree black belt. And I am now working on my fourth. [After 40 years of training, its about time to reach my peak. 😉 lol but really.]

But my accomplishments have not come easy. This has also been a “Discovery.” If I want to eat more, I must justify it by calories I burn. It is simple math. If you want to increase your intake, you must increase your calorie burning output, accordingly. No way around it. This is a must.

But I have been true to this mission, with the help of God. So, I am now 1 pound away from losing 90 pounds… I have attained more than I originally thought possible.

Still, I am not finished. I am going to lose 21 more. I am going to lose a total of 110 pounds.. All the way to 219 lbs. And Then: I will gain 10 back in muscle, to a final weight of 229. Yes, I am a muscular guy and any less than that would be too much loss. I look thin now. For the first time in my life, people call me “Slim Tim.” Can you imaging a “Slim Slam.” 😉

As mentioned, I called this my “Discovery diet” in the beginning, because the emphasis is on life-long learning, health and a better life overall. Not just a weight loss fad for now.  So I keep learning and massaging my approach, as needed. And this will continue.

On top of the low calorie diet and high intensity exercise, I follow an extensive daily regimen of supplements but suffice it to say that the biggest elements of it are greatly increased vitamin c, zinc, resveratrol, polyphenols and turmeric. With different reasons behind each. Evidence that this is working, with my overall plan?

Yes. My diabetes has resolved itself and I am no longer diabetic.  My blood pressure is normalized and I take 1/2 the meds I used to… My resting heartrate is so reduced due to my new fitness, that it scares the Doctors.

Still the blood pressure issue is genetic and I probably will always have to take some medication in this regard. Also, Heart disease runs in my family also and I have not escaped arterial blockage, as I discovered in a recent catheterization. Oops. And, Oh well… I will just have to deal with these ongoing health issues. Even in the midst of my lofty, inspired vision; I am definitely still a realist and accepting clear facts.

My Biggest looming, unmentioned health issue is a major neck surgery that I need from an old trampoline accident that left me temporarily paralyzed from the neck down 35-38 years ago. The degenerating discs and corresponding nerve damage are better due to the weight loss but wont go away.  The surgeon wants to operate now. But I am going to wait a year. I need to raise a small truckload of money to be out of work AND I have an appointment with a 5th degree karate examination to face, first. 😉

So, even with these things to face. My “Discovery” Diet is obviously a success. Below is a picture of me before the Discovery Diet and a couple of me after.

I hope this encourages you, in your own health goals!

May God bless you and give you the strength to attain your own personal best!



“SLAM” a.k.a. Tim G. Carter




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