Common Sense Sales Solutions

    Voltaire once said: “Common sense is not so common.” And in these simple words he drove home the point of this sales article. We need to continuously remind ourselves of the basics of salesmanship. These commonly known facts are still often uncommon, in the sales marketplace. It is easiest for people to over-look that which is widely known. Common sense can often be taken for granted and therefore missed altogether. The following are some “Check-up from the neck up” (Zigism) sales tips that we can all benefit from revisiting, on a regular basis.



Point #1. Be courteous: This seems so easy but is frequently, so hard. This quality more than any other will qualify a sales organization for a brand of excellence. Being nice to our prospects and customers sets us very frequently apart from the other guys and makes them want to buy from us. I can not count the times someone has told me that they bought from me, because they did not like the other guy and I was nice to them.

Point #2. Put the customer first. Do not let your own policies be your failsafe. Let the express interests of the customer be your preferred position. The old “customer is always right” mindset is the  greatest fail-safe to attract and keep business.

Will Rogers (3)

“Common Sense Aint Common.” Will Rogers

Point #3. Respond quickly to customers: In all high-ranking customer service businesses; this quality is present. Whether it is answering the phone quickly or getting back to a prospect who wants information quickly. The point of treating your customer with the high priority of helping right away can be a powerful sales catalyst.

Point #4. Practice a habit of restraint: Don’t lose your cool: Don’t let a confrontational person lure you into a destructive trap. Controversy is never solved by turning up the heat. Turn it down a notch. Practice on treating the person with respect, even if they do not do that with you. Just remember that you can always practice your own professionalism. Look at the histrionic customer, as an opportunity to grow your own patience and posture. You can not win, if you blow up. Diffuse with asking questions. Even if you have to correct the situation, do it with the minimum amount of conflict possible. 

Harriet Beecher Stowe

“Common Sense is seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be.” Harriet Beecher Stowe

Point #5. Get down to business: Treat the customer’s time as a precious premium. Expedite your business with them. Get to the bottom line. Don’t make your customers feel that they can not get a straight answer from you. Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the bottom line. Let your customer extend the conversation if they want to. But personally be in a habit of stream-lining and making your business with them more efficient.

Point #6. Go the extra mile.  (Mt. 5:41) This is an incredible passage from the good book. It points out the powerful strength of doing more than is required. If you do the extra on a consistent basis; you will develop a reputation in the marketplace, for providing this kind of service. Your sales will benefit if you consistently try to do a little extra for people, than they expect from you.

“The only thing a person can never have too much of is common sense.”
― Kathryn Smith

Point #7.  Find the  solution: People recommend people who provide them answers. Be a problem solver. Make it a point to find answers for your customer’s needs. Word gets around And when someone comes to you with a problem. And you find an innovative way to help them; you will develop a healthy marketplace reputation as a problem solver.

Point #8. Put on your customer’s shoes. Empathize with your customer. Try to look at it from their point of view. Sales is about what they want, not what you want. If your prospects see that you genuinely want to help them out, you will win a high % of the time. In fact, you both will. (Dr. Dennis Waitely – The Win, Win)

William James

“A sense of Humor is just common sense dancing.” William James

Point # 9. Smile: It’s good for your face. It will brighten the place. Its easy to do. Its good for you and your customer.  Be genuine, real and engaging and sincerely smile.

Point # 10. Listen: It’s not accidental that I saved this one for last. Sales people often do not know that good Listening is not passive. It is active. Get genuinely in to what your customers are telling you. Repeat what they say. Make sure you get it because you are interested. Absolutely nothing is a more effective selling technique than listening with energy and interest to your customer.

Isaac Asimov

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time.” Isaac Asimov

     So in closing, remember these “Common Sense” sales techniques. More than that; Practice them! Your sales ability will improve if you do.

"Slam" Tim G. Carter - Your intuitive sales Consultant!

“Slam” Tim G. Carter – Your intuitive sales Consultant!

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5 Responses to Common Sense Sales Solutions

  1. Brad Hanson (managementbrad on twitter) says:

    Hi Tim,
    The best way to sell yourself, your product, or your company is with the “Common Sense Sales Solutions” you outline in your blog. Once again, you hit the nail on the head. Good job! Brad

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  3. Jan Brown says:

    Good advice for relating to people in any situation!

    • Thank you Jan. Appreciate that. It never ceases to amaze me how easy it is for people to overlook basic relationship skills, that make any profession better. All the best to you!

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