Let it never be said; you did not ask!

    In today’s fast-paced marketplace, it never ceases to amaze me just how important old school lessons are in new school, sales accomplishment. An age-old sales axiom is A.A.F.T.O. Always ask for the order.

sales closing picture 1

   So simple isn’t it. But as I study deficiencies of sales professionals in the marketplace.  It is absolutely incredible how many sales are still lost; because professionals do not ask for the order.

If an exit survey is done with prospects, again and again their reply as to why they did not purchase from the person offering the goods or service; is that “the sales person did not ask me.” What an absolute travesty!

ask for the order asking is a secret to success

     One simple requirement of every sales interview must be the close. An absolute bedrock component of each sales presentation should be the definite act of simply asking; “Do you want to buy it?” It may seem to you, as a sales person that the prospective client absolutely does not intend to buy. It may feel like they are cold to you and have no intentions of purchase. But what do you have to lose?

Why not say the words anyway; “would you like to buy this, from me today?” It will shock you how many times you misread the customer and they will still buy it even when you think they will not.. Every one knows that we make an ass of u and me; when we AssUme. Yet, often assumptions end the sales dialogue, instead of closings .. This should never happen. Do not assume anything, when the sale is on the line. Ask, and wait for a reply.

listen great key to learning and selling

The customer may have clearly told you that they are going to shop
competition as soon you decide to let them out the door. This is fine. I do not believe in being a fire-breathing dragon. Let them go and believe that your service is strong enough that they will come back. But before they go, try to make sure that your presentation has left them solid reasons to come back to you. (Example; have them ask the competitor questions that you know will cause them to think of an advantage of your product). And Why not drop the simple words; Wouldn’t you like to save yourself some gas and shopping trouble and buy from me today? – – –

What do you have to lose? Your chances are always increased, by
remembering to ask your customer to purchase. Let it never be said of you when a customer is asked why they did not buy from you? “Because you did not ask me!”


One of the greatest sales trainers, I have ever worked with in my life had a really profound, intricate, detailed, hi-tech closing to every presentation. It was: Do you want to buy it? And it was the law on high, with him. If you did not say it, your goose was cooked. What an awesome lesson this has been to me. It is a lesson that still pays dividends now.

Always work on the latest and greatest sales presentation methodologies and the most up to date, cutting hi-tech ideas. But in this process, do not forget the absolute essential of making it a definite point to ask (every time) for the business..

No more than two weeks ago, I had a customer that seemed to me to disinterested and disconnected in what I was offering. But just to follow my own training, I asked: “Do you want me to write it up and just show you what it would cost?” The answer was a surprising “Yes.” We walked to my office and I made the sale that day.

The lesson is plain. Let it never be said that you lost the business, because you did not ask!

Tim's ideas are dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.

Tim’s ideas are even more dynamite in person! Hire him as a speaker, at 336-688-7538.


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